A CNC turning machine for those without CNC programming skills

Knuth Machine Tools has introduced new and redesigned models of its Numturn 420 CNC Cycle Lathe. This machine features a Siemens 808D MM Plus CNC control, which, according to the company, allows users without any previous CNC programming skills to produce parts with complex geometries.

The Siemens 808D MM Plus has a user-oriented cycle interface designed for easy programming. Turning cycles with a variety of options help simplify complete parts programming. Additionally, pre-loaded ballscrews, servo drives, hardened and ground guideways, and high precision ball bearings are used to help provide stringent tolerances.

“The spindle speed is infinitely programmable (3,000 RPM max.) in two geared stages to give the user a powerful spindle drive,” said a company spokesperson. “This, combined with consistent cutting speeds, ensures enhanced surface quality.”


Standard equipment includes two electric handwheels for manual operation of the X and Z axes, hydraulic chuck (manual chuck on Eco models), six or eight station tool turret (quick change holder on Eco model), automatic central lubrication, a halogen work lamp, operating tools, an operator’s manual and programming instructions.

The machine is available in four different configurations to suit different applications. The Numturn 320 with 12″ swing, 16″ center width, 5 HP, six station turret and 6″ hydraulic chuck is also available in an Eco model with a manual chuck and quick change toolholder. The Numturn 420 with 16″ swing, 29″ between centers, 10 HP, eight station turret and 8″ hydraulic chuck is also available in an Eco version with manual chuck and quick change toolholder.

For further details contact Knuth Machine Tools on TEL: 011 822 4610 or visit www.knuth.co.za