A useful drill in a small package – TaeguTec extends DrillRush line

TaeguTec has extended the application range of its successful DrillRush line by introducing 6 – 6.9mm diameter range drill heads for 1.5xD, 3xD and 5xD drilling depth holders. The manufacturer claims this innovative exchangeable drill’s performance exceeds that of the small carbide drills available in the market today for small diameter machining.

The new DrillRush small diameter tool’s rigid clamping system for stable machining offers improved performance and high productivity in small diameters and is also available for ISO M8 standard pre-thread hole machining.

TaeguTec’s new small DrillRush line’s interchangeable head eliminates the need to remove the entire drill from the spindle in order to replace the head; a process that reduces the task into a single operation which in turn shortens cycle times and substantially increases productivity.


Like all DrillRush products, the body’s polished flutes provide smooth chip evacuation without damaging the surface finish.

DrillRush doubles margin on 8-19.5mm diameter ranges
TaeguTec has also introduced a double margin indexable drill that has a diameter range of 8 millimeters to 19.5 mm.

The new addition to the highly popular line opens the door to high surface roughness and high precision drilling application, and expands TaeguTec‘s reach into the drilling market while also extending the application range of the successful DrillRush line by improving upon the steel drilling (ISO P material) process.

Known for its optimised edge geometry and innovative clamping structure, the addition to the DrillRush family continues the line’s remarkable performance compared to existing solid carbide or other conventional drills.

With two guiding areas – four in total – on two cutting edges, the new double margin indexable DrillRush ensures high hole quality in relation to the cylindricity and straightness of the tool during the machining process.


This new TaeguTec DrillRush double margin indexable drill head enables reliable high quality hole machining which includes close hole tolerance, premium surface roughness and production stability.

Furthermore, the double margin type heads are available in the latest GoldRush TT9080 grade for prolonged tool life and are interchangeable with standard DrillRush bodies.

Like all DrillRush products, the double margin indexable drill heads have a quick change system that permits for head indexing on the fly, can incorporate different size heads on one drill body, its twisted coolant channels and polished chip gullet offers smooth and excellent chip evacuation and its rigid connection presents remarkable performance with a maximum number of head indexing.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com