Afrox gears up to support industry’s automated plasma requirements

Afrox has beefed up its automated plasma equipment offering to meet the latest requirements of local industry. This extended offering, supported by OEM partners Victor Thermal Dynamics and Pierce Profile Cutting, is suitable for both small and heavy industrial requirements.

“We’ve appointed a dedicated development manager, Andrew Peters, to support these ranges and to provide a single point of contact for the market,” says Afrox’s Dewald Bodenstein, Product Manager – Arc Equipment. “We now have an extremely competitive offer that includes a very solid base of technical support.”

The Victor Thermal Dynamics automated plasma cutting range includes the Standard Cutmaster® A series, a light duty cycle entry level air plasma system that provides an economical and flexible solution. With benefits that include easy set-up and use, superior cut quality up to 120 Amps, the Cutmaster® A series offers solutions for light, medium and heavy applications.


Victor Thermal Dynamics’ Auto-Cut® XT series is a high duty cycle standard air plasma system ideally suited to heavy plate cutting applications. The Auto-Cut® 200 XT and 300 XT systems deliver a premium cut performance on both mild steel and non-ferrous metals and incorporate proprietary MaximumLife® parts that lower operating costs, as well as water mist secondary (WMS®) for low cost, high quality cutting on non-ferrous metals, using N2 as plasma gas and ordinary tap water as the secondary.

The benefits of WMS®, which is recommended for materials up to 40 mm thick, include dross-free cutting from 1 mm to 20 mm, an oxide-free cut face surface and a wide parameter window. A reducing atmosphere is produced in the cut by the release of hydrogen from the secondary water, effectively decreasing oxidation on the cut face surface.

The Ultra-Cut® XT series is a high precision plasma system with the flexibility to increase cutting power. Available in 100-400 Amp outputs for cutting plate up to 50 mm thick, Ultra-Cut® XT systems offer outstanding parts life, the highest kW output for a maximised duty cycle and cut speed, and a lower current draw. This series achieves the highest cut speed in its class on stainless steel — up to three times faster than similar cutting systems.


“The beauty of the Ultra-Cut® XT range is that the cut quality is high enough to allow parts to go directly from the cutting table to welding, painting or assembly, eliminating the need for costly secondary operations,” Peters comments. “These systems provide excellent dross-free cuts using oxygen plasma on mild steel and by incorporating WMS® on non-ferrous metal cutting.”

Pierce profile cutting range
The Afrox range of Pierce profile cutting systems caters for all segments of the profile industry, from the Sabre that offers optical tracing customers a reliable machine supplied with oxy fuel or plasma cutting options, to the Scorpion, RUR, RUM or Maxi systems that accommodate the larger, more demanding steel services segment of the market.

The Pierce Sabre 800 optical trace oxy fuel or plasma cutting machine has a tracing width of 800 mm and a cutting width of 1450 mm, while the Scorpion 2000-3000 machines are light and portable rigid portal type machines that are easy to operate and maintain, even with multi-shift running. RUR 2500-4000 machines are suitable not only for oxy fuel and conventional plasma cutting, but also for high definition plasma cutting, while RUM 2500-4500 systems represent the latest generation CNC profile cutting technology. The Maxi CNC is a heavy duty profile cutting machine designed to process large quantity profiles. It offers a combination of various automatic cutting technologies and delivers quality cuts even in the heaviest of production environments.

“All our Pierce profile cutting systems are supplied with state-of-the-art Pierce CNC control systems, giving customers the flexibility to select the desired software packages,” says Peters.

For further details contact Andrew Peters of Afrox on TEL: 011 255 5732 or 082 596 8775 or email