BLM Group model LT8 laser tube cutting system enhances processing of large tube diametres

The system provides flexibility and operator ease for up to 220mm diametre tube cutting in production environments.

BLM Group has announced the introduction of the flexible Model LT8 laser tube cutting system. The LT8 is a three dimensional CO2 laser tube cutting machine that provides excellent flexibility and user-friendliness for extremely precise laser cutting on tube diametres up to 220mm and a bar weight up to 450 kilograms.

The unit, equipped with a tilting, ±45° head, provides for three dimensional, five axis cutting and ultra high-speed piercing allowing for complex cutting on most tube profiles.

The LT8 incorporates Active Focus, a technology that adjusts beam focal position. With Active Focus pierce times can also be reduced up to 30% and this improves the tilt cutting speed. The LT8 has up to 12,1 metres loading capabilities, clean tube technology for processing of stainless steel, and other features that allow for a comprehensive laser tube cutting system.


The unit features an automatic loading system combined with a unique unload operation, increasing the productivity of most operations. Complex operations such as nesting multiple part numbers on the same bar and changing to different profiles, are managed automatically.

The LT8 is available in multiple load and unload configurations including an automatic bundle loader (capacity 3990 kilograms), automatic step loader and/or a manual single bar loader. It is ideal for large and/or thick tubes requiring a high degree of accuracy.

Also standard with the LT8 is Artube, a complete, three dimensional CAD/CAM software package that provides for quick programming in simple to complex tube processing operations.

The LT8 takes full advantage of the BLM Group Enterprise Software solution that incorporates full management of lasers, tube benders, end machining, and cold saws to manage production with real time production feedback. This optional package incorporated with Artube allows for seamless programming and production management.

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