Bystronic expands the versatility of its ByJet Flex waterjet cutting machine with the introduction of a new, 3D cutting head

New machines can be ordered fitted with one or two 3D cutting heads, while users of existing 2D ByJet Flex machines can opt to upgrade their equipment by retrofitting the head(s), which takes less than an hour.

The 3D head enables bevelled edges to be cut at an angle of up to 45 degrees with a high level of productivity and precision, even when making initial and final cuts in thick materials or executing fine contours with frequent changes of direction. Straight edges may be produced equally efficiently.


Bystronic is expanding the spectrum of applications of the ByJet Flex with a new 3D cutting head. The variable machine concept of the ByJet Flex enables a quick conversion during day-to-day business. The waterjet cutting system can be equipped with up to two 3D cutting heads that work in parallel

Bystronic asserts that 3D technology in waterjet cutting is becoming essential due to the growing range of applications. However, a manufacturer may not have an order book that justifies a 3D cutting system. The modular ByJet Flex allows users to generate orders for such work and convert their machines when the time is right, first with one 3D head and then with another. As the heads are quick to exchange, they can be swapped between different sizes of ByJet Flex on the shop floor, minimising financial outlay during transition to the new technology.

The ByMotion control ensures reliable integration of 3D profiling on the ByJet Flex. Developed by Bystronic, the software controls all cutting jobs on the machine platform and simplifies fast switching between 2D and 3D applications. When a 2D cutting head is exchanged for a 3D head, ByMotion automatically recognises it and, amongst other things, adjusts the cutting area margins according to the angle of the head.

Precise positioning of the cutting head in relation to the surface of the workpiece is crucial for successful 3D processing. For example, if a cutting head at a 45-degree angle is positioned too high above the material, the cut part will be too large. Continuous, automatic height sensing in the control prevents this from happening.


Now users can upgrade the machine platform from 2D to 3D technology at any time on the ByJet Flex with a new 3D cutting head

The height sensing also enables the cutting head to follow the surface and maintain a constant distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. In this way, deviations are corrected automatically that could occur due to a bent metal sheet or material lying unevenly on the cutting grid. In addition, height sensing prevents collisions of the 3D cutting head. If the protective sensing ring comes into contact with protruding cut parts, the head stops instantly.

The kinematics of the 3D cutting head enable precise pivoting around the A and B axes. The head revolves around the focal point of the nozzle, enabling precise cutting without losing time or speed. It also eliminates the need for complex corrective manoeuvres in the linear axes.

To make machine preparation simple and error-free, users generate cutting plans for 3D applications on the ByJet Flex using the Bevel Manager software module, which is tailored for the new 3D cutting head and integrated into Bystronic’s BySoft 7 main control software.

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