Complete range of cut-off and grinding wheels – Norton

Norton has introduced a complete range of abrasive products for rail maintenance and track repair including cut-off and grinding wheels.

Over the last few years, there have been significant improvements in the steel used in rails. Today’s standards in track rail are purer and harder. Especially hardened heat treated rail with high levels of carbon, manganese and silicon are tough to cut and grind. As the standards for rail technology keep changing, Norton introduces a full line of rail maintenance products designed to give lowest possible total grinding cost while increasing productivity.


For angle grinders, Norton offers both cut-off and grinding wheels in diameters 115 mm – 230 mm: Norton Quantum which is a new generation of ultra thin cutting wheel with extra-long life, NorZon Quick Cut snagging wheels for fast material removal and long wheel life, and Industrial Line cut-off and snagging wheels.

The rail repairing and maintenance range also includes straight wheels, recessed wheels, wheels with inserted nuts and cups suitable on portable or mobile machines for grinding welding or rail re-profiling. The range also consists of flap discs for grinding metal and diamond blades for cutting concrete railway sleepers.

This complete range of abrasive products for the rail industry will give the users a lower total abrasive cost and increased productivity.

For further information contact Willie Gillan of Norton on TEL: 012 657 2800