Control your robot

Continued automation of processes within the manufacturing industry in southern Africa is fuelling demand for world-class robotics that will enable local companies to compete on a global stage.

Advanced control equipment that ensures the smooth operation of robotics out in the fields is also being used to manipulate the robotics to work ever faster and more accurately. Like the central nervous system of a living creature, signals are constantly transmitted between these controllers and robotic devices in order to facilitate effective operation of the processes.


In most manufacturing environments however, conditions are arduous, with extreme temperatures, excessive mechanical forces and sometimes chemicals and contaminants that can interfere with machines. As a result, careful attention needs to be paid to designing and manufacturing control cablings paths that can withstand the rigours while performing flawlessly over the duration of the manufacturing process.

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Robotic cabling, harnessing and accessory specialists Helukabel, are at the forefront of technology to interface controllers with robots. The company’s expertise ensures that the “central nervous system” of an operation continues to work flawlessly, as it was designed to, for years to come no matter what conditions need to be contended with on site.

The company’s Robotec Systems GmbH subsidiary works with customers around the world who require robotic automation in their operations. Robotec engineers are able to develop pre-assembled cable protection systems (Dress Packs) for robots and handling systems, as well as offer additional services to ensure the optimal performance of robotic systems for almost any application. The services they offer include system analysis, consulting, planning, installation, service and warranty of mass-produced cable protection systems for robots in automation systems.

Control pathways are tailor-made to suit customer’s applications with products that include dress package systems and associated systems for automation, handling, and spot welding, as well as gas-shielded welding and laser welding.

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