Delcam’s PartMaker 2015

PartMaker Inc is bringing out the latest version of PartMaker Software for programming CNC mills, turn-mill centers, Swiss-type lathes and wire EDMs. The CAM software, PartMaker Version 2015 that is designed for programming various CNC machines is bound to change the future of CNC machine operations.

PartMaker is a Knowledge Based Machining system that keeps a track of all the tools, materials and relevant processing information related to the CNC machines and their parts, thereby relieving the user from entering the same feature information of the parts many times over. It improves the tool management functions and increases productivity. The software can support vertical mill-turns and incorporates the functionality of a vertical turret lathe on a 5-axis VMC. The best part is that this software can also be used to optimize post processing for multi-tasking machine tools.


The PartMaker 2015 has incorporated various advanced features and enhancements. The prominent features of PartMaker include better support for the modern line of multi-tasking machine tools and a higher milling and turning functionality. It also ensures productivity enhancements for machines like multi-axis turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

“The innovations in PartMaker Version 2015 further cement the software’s position as the preeminent CAM system on the market for programming of multi-tasking machining applications,” says PartMaker Inc. president Hanan Fishman.

“PartMaker 2015 extends support of the product’s patented approach to programming multi-tasking machine tools to support today’s latest breed of multi-function machines.”

According to Fishman, the enhanced machining algorithm power in PartMaker will improve the capability for users while retaining the trademark simplicity of the software.

The new functionalities of PartMaker 2015 will enable users to make the optimum use of their specific multi-tasking machine tool’s unique capabilities. PartMaker will be a path-breaking innovation in the CAM software for turn-mills and Swiss-type lathes thanks to its patented Visual Programming Approach for multi-axis lathe programming, coupled with live tooling. Users are assured of faster learning and easier use as it uses pictorial representation to describe tools, machine part features and machining data. The users can see the synchronisation of tools working on multiple spindles online with just a few mouse clicks.

PartMaker 2015 will support vertical mill-turns (VMT), the latest breed of machine tools. What makes these machine tools unique is that they provide the turning functionality typically found on a VTL (vertical turret lathe) with that of a 5-axis VMC (vertical machining center). In addition, PartMaker 2015 will also support the turret based Swiss lathes with programmable B-axis live tooling attachments.

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