Edgecam wins 2015 certification from Autodesk Inventor

Edgecam Solid Machinist has gained 2015 certification from Autodesk Inventor.

Using the Edgecam add-in for Autodesk Inventor sees the CAD model sent to Edgecam Solid Machinist for feature finding and CAM application processes.

As Edgecam loads the Inventor model directly, without using a translator, there is no data loss. Any changes to the design model in Inventor are automatically flagged when loading an Edgecam part file, giving the option to accept or reject them. Accepting changes to the design model automatically regenerates features such as holes and pockets that were on the original model.


Edgecam finds machineable features, such as pockets, bosses and holes in the Autodesk Inventor part, with a single click, extracting information relating to them. In addition, the CAD to toolpath associativity eliminates down-time in the event of a late design change.

Edgecam Workflow ensures that the route from CAD to NC Code is as quick and efficient as possible, with easy steps to add stock and fixtures, and apply machining processes to the Autodesk Inventor part.

General Manager Raf Lobato says the key advantage of the Inventor/Edgecam solution is that CAM processes are applied to the original Inventor model, as produced by the designer. “Edgecam adds to a manufacturer’s profitability, due to the high degree of CAD integration and flexibility in toolpath creation, providing increased productivity and rapid return on investment. Therefore, its combination with Autodesk Inventor provides a solution that offers best in class CAD and CAM products.”

Part of the Vero Software Group, Edgecam is a leading CAM solution providing productivity, reliability and flexibility.

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