ExOne debuts Exerial™ 3D printing system designed for industrial series production

The ExOne Company, a global provider of three-dimensional printing machines and printed products to industrial customers will debut its largest 3D printing system, the Exerial™, at the GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, which takes place June 16-20.

The Exerial system demonstrates a considerable evolution in ExOne’s machine portfolio as the new printer allows customers to engage with the indirect printing technology for industrial series production, beyond the rapid prototyping and small batch production for which the company’s other systems are currently being used.


The ExOne Exerial™ 3D printing system designed for industrial series production will debut at GIFA 2015

“ExOne’s industrial customers are pressing for latter stage technology to address their production needs with a 3D printing system that supports higher volumes and automation for the industrial production environment,” said S. Kent Rockwell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for The ExOne Company.

“The Exerial system, which we see as our flagship for the coming years, fully meets all of our clients’ demands. When the Exerial system rolls out this year, ExOne will have addressed the industrial-level solution, further separating binder-jetting as a more cost effective technology than other 3D printing solutions.”


A component manufactured on the new ExOne Exerial™ 3D printing system

The Exerial is unique compared to ExOne’s other indirect printing systems in that it contains multiple industrial stations that allow for continuous production and simultaneous processing. The Exerial is distinctly equipped with two job boxes, each 1.5 times larger than the single job box in ExOne’s next largest model, the S-Max. Notably, the Exerial system offers a total build platform of 3,168 litres and is expected to be capable of printing output rates nearly four times faster than the S-Max. The anticipated Exerial utilises a new re-coater system, bigger print head and automation controls. As part of the development of the Exerial, the company has filed five patents related to machine design elements.

“While our machine R&D focus in 2014 concentrated more intently on this type of customer base, ExOne continues to address the growing needs of our rapid prototyping and low volume production customers with further improvements in our existing machine portfolio platforms – the S-Max™, S-Print™ and M-Flex™,” Rockwell concludes.

For further details contact Andreas Fischer of ExOne Europe on TEL: +49 (0) 821 65063 123, email andreas.fischer@exone.com or visit www.exone.com