Expansion of Iscar’s Millshred Family

Following global customer demand, Iscar has announced the expansion of the company’s popular Millshred P290 line. The new inserts are made from the Iscar’s advanced Sumo Tec carbide grades that provide excellent levels of performance. In addition, inserts intended for the machining of aluminum are produced from Iscar’s highly effective grade IC28.

Each of the new milling cutters are hard touch coated for increased durability and wear resistance. The new cutters’ increased tool diameter range will further expand the application range of the popular Millshred P290 line and increase user ability to machine a wider variety of material types.


New Millshred P290 inserts
P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWR insert – designed for initial material removal prior to further finish and for the milling of shoulders with a corner radii up to 4mm. This insert is especially useful for machining pockets within the aerospace industry.

P290 ACCT 1806PDR-TL insert – has reinforced straight cutting edges, and is intended for highly effective rough and semi-finish milling.

P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWE-P insert – with sharp edges and a polished rake face, and is ideal for the rough milling of aluminum.

P290 ACCT 1806PDR-HL-P insert – has ground cutting edges and a polished rake face and was designed for the efficient semi-finish and finish milling of aluminum.

New Millshred P290 tools
P290 EPW D25-2-120-W25-18 – a long reach, 25mm diameter endmill that extends the lower diameter range of the family.

P290 ACK D32-3-36-W25-18 and P290 ACK D40-3-125-W40-18 – two new sizes of the extended flute endmills.

P290 SM D080-06-71-32-18, P290 SM D100-06-36-32-18 and
P290 SM D100-07-71-40-18 – three new sizes of the extended flute shell mills.

P290 FCT D050-05-22-18 – a 90° face mill designed for semi-finish and finish milling using the P290 ACCT 180 straight-edged inserts.

P290 FPW D100-09-32-18 – a 90° face mill in diameter 100mm.

For further details contact Iscar South Africa on TEL: 011 997 2700 or visit www.iscar.com