Fair Friend Group opens flagship facility

The FFG Machine Tools Division is aiming to ramp up production over the next seven years.

The Fair Friend Group (FFG) Machine Tools Division has set a goal of producing 30,000 sets of machine tools per year by 2022. As a step toward reaching this goal, FFG has opened a flagship factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Construction began on the building in 2013 and was completed this past March. With 22,560 square meters of production space, the facility can produce as many as 150 sets of CNC machines per month, the company says. The new facility is one of the division’s 40 plants located in Taiwan, China and elsewhere overseas.

The Machine Tools Division, which accounts for 50 percent of FFG’s revenue, was established in 1985 as a producer of traditional belt saw machines and grinders. That same year, FFG began developing CNC machines and selling them globally under the Feeler brand name. Today, the division produces vertical and horizontal machining centers, vertical and horizontal turning centers, double-column machining centers, large CNC boring and milling centers, floor-type boring centers, five-axis machining centers, double-column CNC grinders, and other machines sold under 26 brand names.

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