Fibre laser cutting machine incorporates patented compass head positioner

The 2015 Salvagnini L5 fibre laser cutting machine incorporates the patented, rotary motor-driven compass head positioner. According to the manufacturer, the positioner allows for improved speed, accuracy, reliability, energy conservation, and performance.

Available in 2, 3 and 4kW versions, the machine comes fitted with a new, all-electric pallet changer. The processed piece always passes beneath the worktable, eliminating any risk of cut parts or scrap falling onto the incoming blank.


An automation package is available that includes the manufacturer’s MCL automated Cartesian sorter/manipulator for laser cutting systems. This floor-mounted gantry uses a single suction cup gripper to pick up parts as small as 200 by 100mm and uses two grippers to pick up parts as large as 4000mm and weighing as much as 130 kilograms.

Guided by a software program that automatically positions the sorter over parts to be retrieved and runs an efficient unloading and placement cycle, the system can extend kit production and single-piece part flow to automated laser cutting.

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