For milling, drilling, or tapping, Widia’s Vari family of tools delivers high performance

Extreme challenges are daily fare for job shops. To address the unique needs of job shop customers and the distributors who serve them, the Widia VariMill, VariDrill, and VariTap are specifically engineered to be versatile, easy to choose, easy to use, and deliver superior results in a wide range of applications and materials.

The VariMill, VariDrill, and VariTap are designed to conform to Widia’s theme of “Extreme Challenges, Extreme Results”. These tools are specifically engineered to address the needs of the end-user, providing a versatile tool that is capable of attacking a varying range of applications and work materials with high-performance results.


“The job-shop mentality is tackling multiple small-lot assignments under tight deadlines,” says Dr Tilo Krieg, Director, Holemaking and Solid Endmilling products at Widia.

“Their expertise and reputations depend on performance, often having to exceed past results while leaving enough margin to make money. They know they have to have tools that work.”

While Widia’s VariMill, VariDrill, and VariTap deliver convenience and results for the customer, the concept behind the Vari portfolio was conceived with the Widia distributor in mind. When armed with the Vari family of tools, Widia distributors can meet a variety of unique customer needs and applications with one drilling, milling, and tapping product line. The portfolio is designed to cover every diameter, length/diameter ratio, and coolant option that the end user might need. Therefore, a limited amount of Vari tooling stock can address a wide variety of customer needs.


By reducing the need for custom or specific drills, mills or taps, Widia distributors are able to streamline their on-hand inventory without sacrificing their ability to respond quickly to a customer’s unique tooling needs. Simply put, Vari tools from Widia are designed to offer a complete package of high-performance tooling solutions that can get the job done: use VariDrill to drill the hole, VariMill to complete the surface finish of the workpiece, and VariTap to finish the job.

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