Generate NC programs at the touch of a button – Trumpf TruTops Boost

TruTops Boost, the new software solution developed by Trumpf, merges into a single system all the steps needed to generate sheet metal manufacturing programs. This includes everything from part design and data import to nesting and even writing NC programs for cutting, punching and bending. The new operating reasoning makes TruTops Boost easy to understand and, thanks to the Boost Technology, makes it unbeatably fast, since the calculations are carried out automatically.


With TruTops Boost, designing and programming for sheet metal processing becomes almost child’s play. The new Trumpf software is based on an entirely new operating philosophy. The program steps the operator through the process and provides support in numerous automatic features. Here, a single system, working on the basis of the job order, handles the design, generates an unfolding, and prepares NC programs for 2D laser cutting, punching and bending. No longer is it necessary to place information in intermediate storage and call it up in various applications.


This brings about major advantages. For example, the operator has at his fingertips the newest version of all the job orders and can see the status within the current process step. In addition, TruTops Boost immediately recognises when a specification has been changed in the design or in the programming. The software then automatically adjusts the upline or downline steps or notifies the operator if he needs to intervene. TruTops Boost considers every possible technology when examining job orders; it recognises correlations and automatically implements them. When processing data for bending parts, for instance, TruTops Boost calculates, right from the layout stage, any notches and cut-outs and makes preparations for manufacturing the parts from sheet metal.

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