Henninger Air Turbine Speeders

If you are tired of expensive high-speed machines that don’t have the torque for low-speed work you have come to the right place. Now you can have both. When interfaced with your control, these high-speed spindles can be used like any other tool in your tool changer, completely unattended. You don’t even have to buy a spindle for each speed that you need to run.

Henninger Air Turbine Speeders run cutters from 35 000 rpm to 90 000 rpm according to a maximum tool shank diameter of 8mm. They enable tremendous productivity gains to be made when machining. Applications range from electrode milling to fine engraving of jewellery and engraving of tyre moulds.


Henninger spindles transmit the speed of your machine from 1:3 up to 1:8 dependent on the type. They enable tremendous productivity gains to be made when machining synthetic materials and soft or light alloys. Any mounting taper or custom shank can be provided. Grinding wheels can also be mounted and when used with the Henninger co-ordinate head, jig grinding operations can readily be performed on milling machines fitted with digital read-out for table positioning.

Outstanding performance improvements are achieved when engraving. The machine cutter spindle remains still and small cutters, 1mm diametre or less, run with minimal runout to give fewer breakages and longer life.

Henninger Air Turbine Speeders can also be supplied complete with Air Delivery/Arrester Blocks tailored for application with the auto tool change systems of machining centres.

For further details contact Duncan Macdonald & Co on TEL: 011 444 4345 or visit www.macduck.co.za