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Unit 9 30 Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni
Gauteng, South Africa

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Company profile
Gerald Roch and the late Edward Humston founded Hurco in 1968. They named the company Hurco – “Hu” for Humston, “R” for Roch, and “CO” for Company. Roch was the idea guy and Humston was the business guy.

Gerald Roch grew up around his grandfather’s tool and die shop where he discovered his passion for building things. After he graduated from Purdue University with an industrial engineering degree, he returned to his grandfather’s shop (which was now owned by Roch’s father and two other partners). Gerald Roch’s fascination with simplifying processes, combined with the emergence of computers, would lead him to start Hurco.

To a younger generation, Roch’s foresight to realise that computer technology could be used to make manufacturing more efficient might not seem particularly revolutionary because in those days computers were expensive, owned exclusively by institutions, government agencies and large corporations and they were huge.

Even though creating a computer to machine parts seemed far-fetched, Humston believed n Gerald Roch’s vision and the two men set out to make computers work for the working man.

Roch’s patents for interactive control technology, which we refer to as conversational programming, are considered the most significant. Machine tool builders throughout the world subsequently had to obtain a license from Hurco to implement this technology into their products.

Hurco is now an international technology company that designs and produces interactive computer controls, software and computerised machine tool systems for the worldwide metal cutting and metal forming industry. The end markets for the company’s products consist primarily of independent job shops and short-run manufacturing operations within large corporations in industries such as the aerospace, defence, medical equipment, energy, transportation and general engineering.

The product range includes: CNC graphite electrode machining centers, CNC horizontal & vertical machining centers, CNC milling machines and equipment, CNC lathes, machine control software, machine controls and machining centers and machine tools.

Hurco’s Ultimax conversational programming platform has seen major enhancements of late, not least the release of WinMax, which moved Hurco controls across to a Windows operating system. It allows advantages to be taken of the greater compatibility, networking and display benefits of Windows whilst retaining the user friendliness of the proprietary Ultimax control.

The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has sales, application engineering and service subsidiaries in High Wycombe, England; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Milan, Italy and Singapore, along with manufacturing operations in Taiwan. Products are sold through independent agents and distributors in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company also has direct sales forces in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Asia. Currently, 80% of worldwide machine tool consumption is outside of the United States.

South Africa
Hurco first entered South Africa in 2006 under an agency agreement before opening up full-service operation in 2008 that include sales, service and training.

The South African operation, which is based in Benoni, Gauteng, carries stock machinery as well as spares, has its own training facility and is supported by Hurco Europe.