Hypertherm introduces HyPrecision Waterjet, a complete line of waterjet products with Advanced Intensifier Technology

Hypertherm has announced the introduction of HyPrecision Waterjet, a complete line of waterjet products. These products include pumps ranging from 15 to 150 horsepower, precision cutting heads, and abrasive delivery equipment. The announcement is the result of Hypertherm’s acquisition of AccuStream, whose background and expertise in waterjet cutting started in the mid 1980’s with the development, application and sale of waterjet products.

The systems feature Advanced Intensifier Technology to extend maintenance intervals, reduce maintenance time and maximize performance. Hypertherm estimates the total cost of ownership for a HyPrecision system is up to 20 percent less than competitive systems, resulting in increased profitability for customers.

“The inventor of HyPrecision waterjet ran his own job shop for many years seeing first-hand what could and did go wrong with the systems he was using,” explained Sara Mancell, Hypertherm’s waterjet marketing manager. “That, combined with more than a decade of experience designing waterjet equipment, drove him to develop replacement parts for a variety of systems. The knowledge gained selling those parts provided an opportunity to learn where and why failures occurred. These experiences led him to create his own waterjet system and continually refine and improve it through the years.”


Examples of the practical engineering found only in HyPrecision waterjet pumps include optimized plunger length and diameter, combined with long bearing engagement for better alignment, resulting in maximum component life with minimum pressure fluctuation and placement of hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearings outside the hydraulic end cap for easier access and servicing. The addition of an advanced piston design minimizes seal wear and greatly extends part life.

Hypertherm HyPrecision Waterjet systems are part of Hypertherm’s Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions in which Hypertherm’s ProNest nesting software, computer numeric controller (CNC), THC, and HyPrecision Waterjet work together to automatically apply the right cutting parameters and adjust things like the feed rate, abrasive flow rate, pump pressure and more.

Learn more about HyPrecision Waterjet by visiting www.hypertherm.com/waterjet