Hypertherm introduces ProNest 2015 CADCAM nesting software

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems has announced a major version upgrade to its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting. ProNest 2015 contains a number of improvements designed to make the software more efficient and easier to use.


Some notable features include:

  • An automatic nesting process called IntelliChoice™ that makes advanced level nesting decisions based on the available parts in the part list.
  • Simplified and intuitive user interface that more closely aligns with the look and operation found with commonly used business applications.
  • Tabs to quickly navigate between nests, insert new nests or reorder nests by clicking and dragging tabs to the desired location.
  • The ability to export nests directly to a DXF file without installing a special DXF Polyline setup or changing machines.
  • Expanded keyboard shortcuts throughout the software navigation.

More standard features such as OneClick™, a powerful production module that automates various job tasks, and Custom Remnants™, a tool that allows users to enter the dimensions of an irregular plate or remnant and then complete a nest. Previously, those two modules were sold separately.

“Customer feedback when combined with Hypertherm’s nearly 50 year history of cutting technology development has resulted in a product certain to increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating cost and improve part quality,” said Derek Weston, product marketing manager for Hypertherm CAD/CAM software products. “In addition, ProNest 2015 contains more embedded cut process expertise in the NC code than any other software, allowing our customers to leverage patented technologies like True Hole®, True Bevel™, and Rapid Part™.”


Hypertherm is also releasing major version upgrades to its TurboNest® intermediate-level nesting software and NestMaster™ entry-level nesting software. These updates contain a number of the new features found in ProNest 2015. Along with the advanced features, Hypertherm’s new CAD/CAM nesting software continues to integrate advanced functionality with an easy to learn and use interface. Current subscribers can upgrade to the new versions at no additional charge and receive unlimited technical support.

For further details contact Yvette Leeflang on TEL: 0031 165 596932 or email yl@hypertherm.com or visit www.hypertherm.com