Hypertherm introduces the new Powermax125

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of advanced cutting systems, has announced the launch of the Powermax125, a new cutting and gouging system delivering the most power of any portable air plasma available on the market.

The recommended cut capacity for the new system is 38 mm at speeds of up to 457 per minute, though it can sever metal more than 57 mm thick if needed. The system is also strong at gouging, capable of removing more than 12,2 kilograms of metal an hour, while a full 100 percent duty cycle guarantees the system can easily hold its own in demanding round the clock work environments.


“The Powermax125 provides welders and fabricators with unprecedented power for a portable air plasma system,” said Erik Brine, product manager for Hypertherm Powermax systems. “Patented technology and careful engineering have resulted in a very efficient system that delivers more energy to the torch than higher amp competitive systems.”

Hypertherm estimates consumables for the Powermax125 will last up to four times longer than competitive systems in this amperage range. In addition to lasting longer, specially designed consumables are available for improved drag cutting, gouging, thin gauge cutting, and automated cutting.


Other benefits of the Powermax125 include cut speeds five times faster than oxyfuel on 12,7 mm mild steel, better cut quality than oxyfuel for less time spent on secondary operations, more torch options than competitive systems so owners can choose the right torch for their particular application, and SpringStartTM technology for consistent starting and a more reliable torch.


The Powermax125 comes standard with Smart SenseTM technology, which performs two important functions. It automatically sets air pressure for the best cutting and gouging performance, and turns off power to the torch when the electrode is used up, protecting both the torch and work piece from damage.

For further details visit www.hypertherm.com or contact Lind SA on TEL: 011 552 8265 or visit www.lindsa.com