Innovative insert geometry – New WSX series low cutting resistance face mill from Mitsubishi Materials

The positive geometry of the Double Z inserts for the new WSX series takes face milling to a new level of usability. The geometry produces low cutting resistance, making it ideal for all types of machines, from low power through to heavy duty types. This level of cutting resistance is only usually associated with conventional single sided positive inserts and allows end users to increase machine utilization. The new moulded SNMU and SNGU G class type inserts used on the WSX cutter have all the attributes of a single sided positive geometry insert but importantly, also have the advantage of being double sided with a cost saving, eight cutting edges.


The cutting edge of the Double Z geometry inserts are set at a 17° positive axial rake angle when clamped in situ. This provides the perfect solution that includes a strong but sharp cutting edge whilst allowing the inserts to be double sided. Furthermore, a large 5mm max depth of cut is possible.

A predictable and safe performance is demanded by today’s customers and the WSX series meets these criteria with strong insert clamping and an Anti –Fly mechanism. Through coolant holes are also standard in cutters under Ø160, providing efficient chip removal and cooling to further enhance process reliability.

Wide application area
The WSX series comes complete with a comprehensive range of insert grades to cover a huge range of material applications, from carbon and alloy steels through to heat resistant materials and hardened steels. The latest TOUGH-∑ technology is used in the new MP range of insert coatings to provide enhanced heat and wear resistance and provide a low coefficient of friction, lending further help towards the ultimate aim of complete process reliability.


The inserts are equipped with a series of chip breakers specifically designed to cover a varied range of applications. L breaker has a positive land for lighter cutting and the lowest cutting resistance, M breaker is for general cutting and R breaker has enhanced edge strength for unstable cutting.

The cutter bodies are available from Ø40 to Ø200 in coarse, regular and fine pitch types.

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