Inserts feature bronze TiOCN top coating – new Beyond Drive™ cutting tool inserts from Kennametal

Kennametal has announced the availability of the new Beyond Drive inserts featuring a bronze TiOCN top coating for increased wear resistance and wear indication.

The new Beyond Drive cutting tool inserts from Kennametal are helping component suppliers succeed in this environment by facilitating enhanced performance and extended tool life, resulting in increased productivity in the form of more finished pieces per cutting edge.

Specifically designed to suit critical component manufacturing using cast iron, steel and stainless steel materials for a variety of industries, the new Beyond Drive inserts represent Kennametal’s ongoing leadership in design, engineering, materials science and manufacturing directly targeting the needs of component manufacturers.


Beyond Drive is available in eight grades and numerous insert styles, covering a complete range of applications for turning steel and cast iron components.

Beyond Drive inserts feature a proprietary post-coat surface treatment that improves edge toughness, reliability, and depth-of-cut notch resistance while a micro-polished surface reduces friction and workpiece sticking (BUE). A fine-grained alumina layer allows for increased cutting speed, improving productivity and reliability at high cutting temperatures.

The titanium oxy-carbonitride outer coating (TiOCN) not only increases wear- and abrasion-resistance, but also functions as an effective wear indicator. Depending on the application, field tests show anywhere between 30 percent and 125 percent more parts per edge.

All new Beyond inserts are CVD (chemical vapour deposition) coated; whereas conventional CVD coatings are under tensile stress, Beyond inserts undergo a proprietary post-coat treatment on all surfaces to reduce this stress, improving coating adhesion and decreasing micro-chipping. More uniform and reliable wear of the cutting edge results in improved and more consistent tool life.

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