Inspection system for automotive, aerospace gear

The Gleason 300GMS analytical gear inspection system enables complete inspection of gears for automotive, aerospace and other like-size gear applications, as well as non-gear workpieces. The system is capable of inspection tasks including gear geometry, surface finish, form measurement and prismatic measurement. A Renishaw 3D probe head provides accuracy and flexibility for gears and gear-cutting tools, especially finer pitch gears, Gleason says.


The system features the Windows 7-based Gleason GAMA 3.0 applications software suite with input screens for programming workpiece and cutting tool data. A .Net control system and movement optimization are said to reduce cycle times for inspection of gears and gear tools. The ergonomically mounted operator workstations and operator interface are designed to improve user effectiveness. The interface includes a “weather station” to record temperature and humidity, as well as video telephony, notepad and voicemail messaging, enabling users to capture video and transmit it via the web to colleagues or to Gleason for support.

Further highlights of the 300GMS are:

• Gear inspection for module 0.2 and higher
• 3D-graphical tooth contact analysis
• Probe changer with up to 9 change positions
• Easy programming by means of QR code scanning
• Intuitive operator interface
• Ergonomic operating panel adjusts to allow machine operation in standing or
seated position.
• Integrated drawers for probes, extensions, calibration ball and artifacts
• Small footprint – only 1.73 m2

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