Iscar’s Spinjet HSM spindle – Seriously cool(ant) speed

In each field, every once in a while, along comes a game changer. The Spinjet HSM jet spindle is just that.

It provides true high-speed machining at a fraction of the cost of a high-speed machine, and with great ease of use. It enables manufacturers to very economically increase productivity.

When it was first introduced, NC machining was a game changer, revolutionising the metalcutting industry and making it possible for machined parts to be cut with greater speed and precision than ever before. As a result, productivity and production were greatly increased.


Back then, technology and equipment were such that the spindle rotated faster than the cutting tool, which was typically made of high-speed steel. With time, other, harder metals were used and new ones, such as submicron hard metals, were developed. The increasingly greater speed possible for cutting tools eventually outstripped the spindle speed attainable on standard CNCs. This affected small diameter cutting tools even more since they need to be operated at higher rotational speeds.

The need for speed
The industry addressed this change in circumstances through development of high-speed machines and high-speed auxiliary spindles. However high-speed machines are expensive, take up valuable shop floor space and may often sit idle. Auxiliary spindles, while more flexible and less expensive, have performance issues.

This is where the Spinjet HSM jet spindle comes in. A highly innovative breakthrough in spindle technology, it delivers the results manufacturers seek, making it a real alternative to investing in a high-speed machine.


Spinjet HSM
Iscar’s Spinjet HSM jet spindle uses a coolant pressure of 20-40 bar, to attain high speeds. As coolant pressure increases, it generates higher and higher spindle speed, reaching up to 50,000 rpm. At rotational speeds like these, manufacturers can save up to 70% of machining time. Manufacturing also requires somewhat lower speeds and to accommodate these, two other Spinjet models offer rpms of up to 20 000 and 30 000.

Compact enough to be held in the operator’s hand, Spinjet easily attaches to any milling or turning machine. In fact, the spindle is stored in the tool magazine and is as easily accessed and connected as any other standard tool. The Spinjet plug and play spindle kit includes a wireless receiver that monitors rpm, allowing machining to be followed and for on-time intervention to take place, if needed.

Comparison tests of machining with and without Spinjet show highly significant time savings and extended tool life with this HSM spindle. For example, in thread milling on an SAE 4340 workpiece, per part machining time was cut by 70% and resulted in extending tool life by roughly 200%. In milling a mould of V2 material, overall machining cycle time was reduced by over 60% and the polishing process time was cut in half.

Sustainable advantages
Not only do the shorter cycle times achieved with Spinjet save energy and costs, but chip removal is efficient, tool life is extended, and the machine tool’s regular spindle is exposed to less wear and tear.

Iscar’s Spinjet is ideal for semi-finishing and finishing operations including various milling applications, drilling, grinding, engraving, chamfering, and more, on a wide range of materials. In addition, the smaller diameter tools needed for these operations can cut at the speeds required.

Here CAM developers can get into the act in a big way since the new and more efficient tool paths they create are extended further as the Spinjet can be relied on to execute high-speed moves and thereby achieve faster cycle times.


But what about part and surface quality? Does the Spinjet sacrifice precision for high-speed? Absolutely not! Along with the higher rotational speed, Iscar’s unique technology has run out of only a few microns, which translates into cutting accuracy. Its machining is high precision and results in excellent surface quality, an especially important attribute for finished parts.

Bottom line
Iscar’s Spinjet marries speed with accuracy to result in rapidly-produced high-quality parts – the goal of every manufacturer. With its technology and performance, the Spinjet not only leads to greater machining efficiency and flexibility but as a true alternative to investing in a high-speed machine, it is the key to significant savings for manufacturers.

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