Iscar’s tools focus on increased productivity with its progressive R&D activities

Iscar claims that it has set many ‘firsts’ for its cutting tools, inserts and tooling systems, which utilise advanced new coatings and innovative cutting geometries, because of its progressive R&D activities. The company manufactures products for turning, parting, milling and drilling with brand names such as Helimill, Tangmill, Multi-Master, Self-Grip, Tang-Grip and Chamdrill.

Iscar says its R&D spend is 5-6% of annual revenues.

The method adopted by Iscar to support its innovative product development is its use of competing R&D teams. A product is innovated by team one, then it is handed on to team two to improve, and then on to team three with the common theme of “always to be first in the market with a new product”.


Iscar’s IQ tools

Concepts are put through FEA programs, prototypes are produced and then tested and analysed before they are launched.

The company says it always responds to the new market demand, like the recent trend toward high speed machining and mill-turn machining centres, with upgrades in both tool and insert geometries, leading to less machine downtime and less labour.

Every few years Iscar makes a major product launch.

It was around seven years ago that the company had a major multi-product launch, with its Sumo line being the main event. The company conducted a similar high-profile global launch 30 months ago, when introducing the company’s High-Q-Line (IQ) ‘Intelligent Machining’ range.


Iscar’s Dove IQ Turn

Of course, in between, there have been product developments, but January/ February 2013 saw a veritable avalanche under the Intelligent Machining banner and within Iscar’s new IQ line of products. There were some 1,350 new product lines across around 20 product families released as part of IQ, with additional improvements made elsewhere.

The main products featured in the High-Q-Line are: Dove-IQ-Turn, Dove-IQ-Grip, Do-Grip IQ, Penta-IQ-Grip, Heli-IQ-Mill 390 and Dove-IQ-Mill.


Iscar’s IQ Dove mill in action

What tool should I use? – Consult ITA
To enhance customer support, Iscar continues to develop its unique ITA (Iscar Tool Advisor), a parametric search engine that raises tool and process selection to an entirely new level. In addition to the online version there are apps available for Apples iOS and Google Android operating systems, with an offline DVD version in 26 languages also available. ITA is now the industry standard for optimizing tool selection and process parameters.

What comes next?
EMO is around the corner, and this is usually an event where international manufacturers take the opportunity to launch their new products. However, no new product or concept innovations have been released beforehand by Iscar. Will they surprise the market in October 2015?

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