JIMTOF 2014 – Fusion of craftsmanship and advanced technology “Mono-Zukuri DNA” – connects to the future and the world

Over fifty years of JIMTOF: Manufacturing tradition, manufacturing innovation. 30 October to 4 November 2014

This year’s Japanese machine tool exhibition, JIMTOF 2014, is the 27th time that the exhibition takes place and marks the 50th anniversary of the inaugural event, which was first held in Osaka in 1962. Because machine tools and related products and equipment form the basis of all industry, JIMTOF has developed into one of the world’s foremost machine tool tradeshows.


JIMTOF has historically attracted a large amount of attention from Japan and overseas due to its status as a mirror that reflects the technological level of the industrial nation of Japan.

Reaffirming its role as an embodiment of the tradition of machine tool technology in Japan and as a showcase for state-of-the-art technologies that will reshape the production floors of the future, the tradeshow’s organisers are approaching this year’s event with renewed vigour to promote the importance of manufacturing.

As an exhibition that introduces state-of-the-art machine tools earlier than any other exhibitions in its industry, “JIMTOF” is recognised on the same level as “EMO” in Europe, “IMTS” in America, and “CIMT” in China.

This is one of the largest exhibitions organised by Tokyo Big Sight Inc. Holding and the Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association. As of the end of May 2014 the total number of exhibitors had reached 644, with 559 domestic exhibitors confirmed and 85 international exhibitors participating.


Okuma – Booth No. E6042 – The 116-year-old company is an all-round machine tool manufacturer. By “Making Nonexistent Objects” they have produced machines and NC systems (the brains), for over 50 years. Okuma’s lineup includes high value-adding applications including a double-column, 5-axis machining centers, multitasking machines and grinders to serve the auto, aerospace, and energy industries. The Okuma Intelligent Technology will improve customer productivity and offer ideal solutions with advanced automation.

DMG Mori Seiki – Booth No. E3024 – The company’s 2 340 m² stand, which is the largest among all exhibitors, will display machines adorning the new cooperation design. Many of the machine models with the new design concept are equipped with the recently developed operating system Celos. The Celos accelerates processes from idea to finished products. Celos applications allow customers to manage digitalised production instruction data, process data, machine data and to visualize records, contributing to high productivity. Furthermore, the company will display the i50, a compact machining center ideal for an automation line for automotive part machining and 5-axis machining. www.jp.dmgmori.com

Kanzaki – Booth No. E3016 – Has manufactured a wide variety of gear finishing machines, vertical turning lathes and special purpose machines. Internationally, they are targeting the dynamic economic growth in Asia, and in this regard they have established branches in Shanghai and Jakarta and are continuing to expand worldwide. They will exhibit their high-precision and space efficient gear grinding machine (GGB) and the simple and compact gear shaping machine (GKA), both of which enable the production of automobile transmissions and industrial gears. In addition, they will feature their unique, non-circular pin-hole of piston processing machine (PHL). www.kanzaki.co.jp

Nakamura-Tome – Booth No. E2021 – Has specialised in multitasking machines and the company says it has mastered complex machining technology. Nakamura-Tome is devoted to the development of “Intelligent Functions”, with the aim of doing components faster, easier and with higher accuracy to meet customers’ needs. A new ATC multitasking machine equipped with a new operation panel will be launched. The machine features a new version of NT-IPS “Nakamura-Tome Intelligent Production System”. www.nakamura-tome.co.jp

Hamai Co.,Ltd. – Booth No. E2026 – Is well known for lapping and polishing machines and has been manufacturing metal-cutting precision machine tools since its foundation in 1921.
They will exhibit highly accurate and productive gear cutting machines suitable for compact automotive and motorcycle parts. In addition, a newly developed hybrid machine of a fine grinder and a lapper will be on display, offering the perfect solution to surface processing of materials that have been difficult to handle in the past. www.hamai.com

Mitsui Seiki Kogyo – Booth No. E3014 – With its advanced 5-axis technological background Mitsui Seiki Kogyo will exhibit one of the world’s largest horizontal machining centers, the HU100-5X ,as well as the Vertex series 5-axis vertical machining center, a space saving compact size machine with enhanced performance and improved geometrical accuracies. The universal vertical thread grinder VGE20A will also be on display and will demonstrate the exceptional versatility for the combined grinding processes such as gear, spline, thread and ball-screw grinding jobs. www.mitsuiseiki.co.jp

OKK – Booth No. E6019 – The company will celebrate its 100th year in business in 2015. OKK has focused on customer’s convenience and satisfaction by developing high performance, durable machining centers to support customers in a wide range of industries. OKK utilises its unique technologies to develop machining centers while keeping a “look-ahead” attitude for the future. Under the slogan of “Next Stage 100”, OKK will continue to operate as a global company distributing it’s high quality machines to international markets. OKK will anticipate and respond to the needs of its global customers in various industries such as automotive, aircraft, energy and IT technology. OKK is exhibiting a variety of high-quality machines including horizontal and vertical machining centers that have high rigidity, ideal for heavy-duty cutting and for cutting the “hard-to-cut” materials. In addition, the grinding centers and the 5-axis machining centers enable lathe turning. www.okk.co.jp

Toshiba Machine’s – Booth No. E2027 – The exhibition concept is “Expansive Innovations for Expanding Markets”. They say they offer the best solution for multi-functional machine tools to markets worldwide, especially for transport machinery and other related industries. The line of products includes the MPJ-M series for the automobile and die & mould industries, which achieves lead time reduction by enhanced acceleration/deceleration control, and a variety of new technologies that contribute to high productivity from precision to large-size machining. www.toshiba-machine.co.jp

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation – Booth No. E5001 – The theme of the stand this year will be “To the Next Stage with M”. The company will exhibit 22 of the most advanced machine tools and laser processing machines. All of these machines provide the latest manufacturing solutions and production innovations to customers through multi-tasking technology, automation and intelligent functions. Yamazaki Mazak is one of the leading machine tool manufacturing companies with 10 production bases and 79 support bases worldwide, providing before and after-sales service and support to customers on a local basis. R&D departments are established not only in Japan, but also in the overseas manufacturing facilities to incorporate the requirements of local customers into the machines produced there. www.mazak.com

Yasda – Booth No. E4025 – Will exhibit their leading-edge machining centers with premium values, accuracy and reliability that, the company says, lead to profitability. These include the vertical machining centers called “CNC Jig Borer” YBM 640V (3-axis) and YBM Vi40 (5-axis) suitable for hard milling of precise die and mould, the horizontal machining center called “Precision Center” YBM 7Ti (5-axis) suitable for simultaneous milling of tough materials such as titanium and Inconel and the vertical machining center called “Micro Center” YMC430+RT10 (5-axis) for machining of sub-micron level. www.yasda.co.jp

Shigiya – Booth No. E2013 – Is well known for manufacturing its wide range of cylindrical grinders with capacities that vary from small to very large. To meet customer demands for quick response from around the world, they have developed a global network with offices in the United States, China, Thailand, Korea, Germany and Australia. They will exhibit four cylindrical grinders, which includes a recently developed cylindrical grinder with a double drive work head. www.shigiya.co.jp

JTekt Corporation and JTekt Group – Booth No. E3012/W2053 – The stand will have the concept of “Just looking to tomorrow to make today’s best”. They will offer excellent manufacturing solutions and production systems for several industries including the automotive industry, the field of industrial machines, the aircraft industry and the electrical products industry, together with Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. www.jtekt.co.jp

Fanuc – Booth No. E4009 – Will exhibit the latest products of FA, robot, and robo machines.
The FA products will include the new release Series Oi Model-F and servo/spindle all-in-one amplifier ßiSVSP-B series, which is designed by the seamless concept with 30i series CNC and αi series servo amplifier. For robot products they will exhibit further integrated robot functions into CNC. They will also emphasise their collaborative robot technology, which enables a robot and a human operator to collaboratively work together in the same workspace. For robo machine products, they will demonstrate high-quality machining of IT and medical parts and high-cycle machining of automotive parts by further enhanced Robodrill, PCD tool cutting with a new rotary table CCR on Robocut, ultra precision machining of HUD mould by Robonano, and the stable moulding of precision small lenses by Roboshot. www.fanuc.co.jp

For further details on JIMTOF 2014 visit www.jimtof.org