Kasto releases Kastologic warehouse management software

To complement its range of storage systems and controls, Kasto has upgraded its warehouse management software from Kastolvr to Kastologic. Core functions consist of an intuitive graphical user interface, an interface to the customer’s host computer system and a dashboard for overall visualisation of warehouse management.

In addition to the standard module, customers can choose from various additions. One is material flow, which oversees dynamic random storage and real-time restocking, and provides 3D simulation and statistical information that includes gantry movement. Bottlenecks are detected and the system’s full potential can be exploited by adjustment strategies.


Regarding inventory management, this is broken down into three sub-groups: logistics, for optimising routes within the warehouse; production, for providing an overview of orders and machine utilisation; and manual storage, for managing non-automated areas of a warehouse and manually operated equipment.

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