Kennametal launches new ToolBOSS vending solution connecting ToolBOSS with NOVO

Having tool availability confirmed during process planning can be a critical time-saving element for important jobs, avoiding downtime and expensive overnight shipping. Shops with NOVO and ToolBOSS have a distinct advantage.

Driven by “Different Thinking is Better Thinking”, Kennametal continues to seize the productivity-building potential of NOVO by launching a new service offering combining its premium vending solution, ToolBOSS and its cloud-enabled digital tooling and process knowledge vehicle NOVO.


Market-driven solution
Manufacturing’s unrelenting pressure to remain competitive and control costs combined with the widening skills gap are shaping the present and future of how customers operate and manage machine shops today. Kennametal’s ToolBOSS with NOVO was inspired by the needs of machining customers seeking seamless real-time integration of their enterprise engineering systems (CAD/CAM systems) with their production floor. Recent research indicates up to 70% of manufacturing executives are focusing on plant-floor data initiatives to drive operational and business excellence, faster time-to-market, and immediate access to data from machines on the factory floor.

ToolBOSS users on the cloud with the latest software version can now use NOVO to see if an item proposed for a process plan is already available in their ToolBOSS inventory. This makes plans and budgets more time- and cost-efficient.

“By adding ToolBOSS credentials to their user profile, customers easily check the inventory in their local ToolBOSS units with their developing process plans and they´re better able to visualise items already in their shop,” says Daniel Gillig, Global Services ToolBOSS Manager at Kennametal.

Powerful solutions linked
The unique ToolBOSS – NOVO linkage will provide customers the ability to quickly ID the optimal tool (selecting from the industry’s latest technology), and assess corresponding tool availability; moving customers from design to shop floor in the shortest time possible with the most efficient cutting tool option. This linkage also makes it easier to order new tools, provide secure back up of data and conduct proactive diagnostic checks and updates to the ToolBOSS.

“With these powerful solutions linked together, our customers should expect a 20-50% time savings in quoting, programming, set-up, and machining processes compared to traditional fragmented approaches requiring high levels of skill in the areas of tool selection, application, and data integration,” explains John Jacko, Kennametal vice president and chief marketing officer.

Industry leading partners
The connection of ToolBOSS and NOVO is enabled through partnership with the Machining Cloud GmbH and ToolBOSS Vending Solutions supply chain partner, Supply Point Systems (SPS). SPS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of secure, point-of-use inventory management systems, while Machining Cloud is a leader in the global manufacturing community providing a single-source of access to complete and provide up-to-date product data from leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools and workholding.

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