Large VMC for batch production, high speed machining – Victor Fortune

Machining centers built to withstand the heaviest of today’s cutting conditions.

Victor Fortune has introduced a larger size vertical machining center to their range. The Vcenter-165 features XYZ travels of 1650 x 850 x 900 mm. All three axes feature boxway design for improved dynamic stiffness. The four box slideways used on the Y-axis are designed to eliminate table overhanging and stabilize machine performance. Force lubrication and bonded Turcite-B help to further improve performance by eliminating stock slip characteristics.

The spindle is supported with heavy-duty roller bearings with large contact areas designed to handle large axial and radial loads. The 2-speed gearbox is coupled with a Fanuc 20 HP spindle motor. Standard oil cooling to the spindle and gearbox help maintain low bearing temperature for extended spindle life. And it comes with double arm type ATC with up to 40 tools magazine.


The Vc-165 comes standard with a Fanuc Oi-TD with 10.4″ colour display and Manual Guide I along with AICC-2 (200 blocks look ahead) and Victor Software System (VSS). It also includes the graphic tool management, tool life management in an array form, extra 10 counters, abnormal load detection, spindle load monitory, adaptive controlled cutting at constant loading, smart workpiece measurement and calculator.


This model is added into the existing VMC line of Vc-55, Vc-70, Vc-85, Vc-102, Vc-110, Vc-130, Vc-145 and the advanced series of Vc-A70, Vc-A85, Vc-A110 and Vc-A130. Other than the line of VMC series, Victor Fortune also markets a full line of CNC machines including horizontal machining centres, vertical turning lathes and horizontal turning lathes.

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