Lower costs per steel component: Sandvik Coromant’s new GC4305 for shorter cycle times in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, steel continues to be the most important material by far. To further optimise steel machining processes in this industry, Sandvik Coromant has developed GC4305, an insert that offers both extremely high metal removal rates and stable conditions. With its outstanding performance at high cutting data and its dry machining capability, it offers companies the benefit of reduced cycle times and lower costs per component.

With Sandvik Coromant’s wear-resistant Inveio™ coating, this new grade of insert achieves the long tool life that is so crucial in the highly competitive automotive industry.


Sandvik Coromant’s new GC4305 for shorter cycle times in the automotive industry

The innovative, heat-resistant cutting material is also suitable for dry machining, making it the ideal solution for automotive component manufacturers seeking to avoid the stresses to which tools are subjected from unwanted temperature fluctuations. This, too, results in a longer tool life. In combination with the high processing speeds typical of dry machining, costs per component can be substantially reduced. Costs are further lowered by decreasing costs for cooling lubricant, recycling and disposal, thanks to, among other things, the elimination of cooling lubricants and associated wastes, lower capital investment, and cheaper disposal of chips.

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Sandvik Coromant catalogue simplifies tool and accessory selection for parting and grooving
Sandvik Coromant has announced a new easy-to-use catalogue designed to speed the identification and selection of tools, adapters and accessories that address the challenges of today’s parting and grooving machining operations.

The Sandvik Coromant 2015 parting and grooving catalogue provides detailed information on a wide range of tools, tool holders and accessories. This includes a comprehensive family of plug-and-play adaptors for simplifying implementation of high-precision coolant options.

In addition to the technical data, the catalogue also offers users application tips and guidance for delivering optimised machining in areas such as parting off, external grooving, tool selection, and coolant application.


Sandvik Coromant’s catalogue simplifies tool and accessory selection for parting and grooving

Among the tools featured in the new catalogue is the CoroCut® system of inserts, external and internal tools, including CoroCut QD for deep grooving and parting off and CoroCut 1-2 for truly secure parting and grooving. Tool holder technologies include general and machine-specific solutions, while turning tool adaptors address a variety of interface variants such as Coromant Capto®, HSK and rectangular, cylindrical and blade adaptors.

The new catalogue can be downloaded from the Sandvik Coromant website by visiting: http://sandvik.ecbook.se/SE/en/Parting_and_Grooving.

For further details contact Sandvik Coromant on TEL: 0860 101 008 or Mary-Ann Haylett on TEL: 011 570 9615, or email: mary-ann.haylett@sandvik.com or visit www.sandvik.com