Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion Technology slashing time, cost, wear

Software simplifies constructing, editing solids.

Machining program developer CNC Software Inc. (Mastercam) is promising a new look at its toolpath engine — Dynamic Motion, describing it as a time saver for programmers and machine operators, one that “can slash machine time by as much as 75%.”

Dynamic Motion is the title given to a toolpath generating method that Mastercam developed for milling and turning operations. It has said the method results in 20-75% faster machine cycle times, with “dramatically extended” service life for tooling, and reduced wear on CNC machines. It added that Dynamic Motion toolpaths will help machine shops optimize the performance of any machine, new or old. Mastercam programs have included Dynamic Motion technology for over five years, though it has been expanded across the Mastercam suite with successive releases.

In addition to the time, cost and equipment saving advantages, Dynamic Motion reportedly cuts very hard materials with greater ease.


The new Mastercam release, Mastercam X8, introduces a new solids workflow function that makes constructing and editing solids more intuitive than in the past. All of Mastercam’s existing solids functions have been updated to reflect the new workflow approach, including a new interface that allows machine operators to work in the interface and on screen, as needed, and a live preview where results of changes can be seen as work continues.

Solid Direct Editing also has been expanded to simplify the process of model preparation.

CNC Software claimed Mastercam X8 improves users programming experience (“usability”) and the ability to customise the way that they set-up and operate machining tasks. Panels in Mastercam (e.g., the Toolpaths or Solids Manager), can be hidden automatically to show more graphics at either side of the Mastercam window, or undocked and placed outside of Mastercam, e.g., on a second monitor.


Mastercam X8 includes over 750 new icons that provide a consistent colour palette that is modern, clean, and “colourblind friendly”, the developer noted.

Mastercam X8 arrives with several toolpath enhancements of its own, including multicore processing on all 2D toolpaths, “Air Region” chaining to define an open side of a closed region, where tools can safely enter a region for machining and 3D HST finishing toolpaths with five-axis motion for automatic collision avoidance. The stock model is supported in Mastercam lathe toolpaths now, and the Mill-Turn model supports Mill Level 1 for twin turret machines that do not require surface machining. Also, it supports drag and drop for placing tools on locators loaded on turrets.

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