MTool to offer industrial robotic systems and solutions

Appointed agents for Tiesse Robot, an industrial robotic systems and solutions provider, that has Japanese robot manufacturer Kawasaki as a partner.

“Industrial robotics systems are becoming increasingly important to shops of all sizes for their potential to help to do more with less. Automation enables businesses to perform unattended and lights-out operations, free personnel from repetitive tasks, and more. Everything from robotic arms to machine-tending systems to completely automated cells, in order to boost productivity and take advantage of robotics technologies are rapidly on the rise,” says Corrie Danielis of MTool, a well established South African importer and supplier of a range of machinery to cater for the general engineering and fabrication industries. The equipment includes CNC and conventional machines that are at home in the machine shop or metal forming service centre.


“Lower costs and increased ease of use will spur significant growth in industrial robotics over the next decade. Forecasts indicate that the transportation equipment, computers and electronics, electrical equipment and machinery industries are expected to account for around 75 percent of advanced robotics installations through 2025. By then, robots should be able to handle 30 to 40 percent of automatable tasks in these industries,” continued Danielis.

It is not just about the robot!
“As a pioneer with 40 years of experience in industrial robot automation, we can offer a wide range of robot applications in various industries. Our expertise includes spot and arc welding, handling, assembling, palletising, packaging, machine tending, loading and unloading, press tending, painting, sealing, gluing, deburring, grinding, polishing, washing, wafer handling and clean room applications, to name a few,” explains Stefano Molinari, Commercial Manager of Tiesse Robot S.P.A. based in Visano, Brescia, Italy.

“To date, Tiesse Robot has a portfolio of more than 5 000 clients operating in various sectors from welding manipulation and enslavement of machine tools, from food to automotive and in the pharmaceutical and medical environments worldwide,” continued Molinari.

“But it not just about the robot, either in a singular situation or a cell. The robot interface with the application includes many parameters. It includes design, software, setup, accessories such as grippers, sensors and many other unknown factors that a business owner would not normally think of. Through our experience we are aware of all these various factors.”

“Recent advancements have seen robotic arms wielding live cutting tools such as end mills or face mills in a machining situation. The applications are endless but the core functionality of the interface consists of three main steps: programming, simulation (including analysis) and creation of the robot programs. The interface is then used to simulate the operation and to control the robot’s movements through different variables, such as axis limits, axis priorities and workplane constraints.”

“In short we offer a complete service to our customers including presales support, design, production, installation and after-sales service,” said Molinari.


“However, the primary objective is one of automation to lower the cost per component or product. But it can also be one of deploying skilled staff elsewhere where operations are repetitive and boring and do not require skill but still need to achieve levels of precision and production. This is true in many applications across many industries.”

“Since 1992 Tiesse Robot’s has had a long-standing relationship with the Japanese multinational group Kawasaki Robotics, a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of industrial robots since 1969 to manufacturers, OEMs and automation system integrators.”

“Kawasaki Robotics can provide a robot for most handling or assembly requirements with payload capacities extending from a two kilogram payload, for the ultra high speed Y-Series Delta Arm, to the heavyweight 700 kilogram payload M-Series.”


“Tiesse Robot’s has operations in Italy (headquarters), Brazil, Germany, the Czech Republic and a new operating facility in India. We also have technical and sales collaboration agreements in many of the industrialised countries, and are always looking to expand our export penetration in emerging economies such as South Africa. This is why we have signed an agreement with MTool.”

“Automation, significantly improved uptime, improved productivity and improved consistency are some of the benefits of implementing robots in a shop. Even though a shop robot might not have much of a personality, you will more than likely enjoy watching the robot fulfill its tasks efficiently, cost effectively and with precision,” concluded Molinari.

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