New A-axis: Studer is revolutionising thread grinding

Special grinding machines have previously been the first choice for technically complex external and internal threads with large pitches. This will now change with the introduction of an A-axis on the Studer S41 and S22 cylindrical grinding machines. Thanks to the new A-axis it will be possible to grind recirculating ball screws, thread gauges or thread rolls with large pitches, whereas previously users had to make use of special grinding machines in order to grind recirculating ball screws or worms for example, these can now be ground on the STUDER S41 and S22 grinding machines. This is made possible by a newly integrated A-axis, which has been available as an option since September 2013. This is a big step towards efficient complete machining in a single clamping.


Thread grinding on Studer grinding machines is not new. The Thun, Switzerland, grinding machine manufacturer has been proficient in this process since 1997 and has perfected it in recent years. Studer previously used axis-parallel thread grinding processes. Around 75 percent of all desired thread types can now be covered with this process, but for the remaining 25 percent a tilting grinding wheel (A-axis), adapted to the thread pitch angle, is necessary. But with the new A-axis this process is covered.


In the past, the Studer specialists constantly received enquiries about thread types with a large pitch. The reason was that many customers did not have large enough batch sizes for these specific threads. An investment in a special thread grinding machine was not cost-effective. There were no alternatives on the market. Antonio Bottazzo (Sales Manager): “We had been planning the A-axis for a long time. It was then developed within a year, due to the increasing market requirements. Successfully, since EMO 2013, the STUDER S41 and S22 grinding machines have both featured an additional A-axis module for complex thread grinding.”

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