One for all: a single tap solution for multiple applications – Iscar’s new Onetap taps

Iscar has introduced a product line, called Onetap, which has an optimised cutting geometry for universal use in a wide range of materials. It is said to allow customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their tap stock usage and also achieve the highest efficiency in production.

The tap Iscar developed has a unique patented geometry that both reduces and distributes the cutting load, preventing overfeed tapping process, assures the highest surface quality (even in the last part) and increases tool life up to two times (depending on cutting conditions and workpiece material).

Users are said to be able to use the same type for machining grey iron, stainless steel as well as efficient use on a wide range of materials (multi-purpose), while maintaining excellent tool life and precise thread standards.


The line will be available in two of the most common geometries: gun-point tap for through holes and spiral flute tap for blind holes. Both tap types are made from uncoated polished HSS-E, while TiN, TiCN and TiAIN coatings or surface treatment (Steam Homo) are available on request.

Gun point taps
Gun point taps push the chips forward. They are used for through holes and are said to be the strongest tap design due to their shallow flutes. Their straight flutes are used only for conducting the coolant fluid, not for chip evacuation.

Spiral flute taps
The spiral flute taps are said to be the best option for blind holes and are used for both chip evacuation and coolant flow as well as being used for the most common 40° right hand helix and HSS-E blind holes tap. The chamfer lead is Form C (two to three threads chamfer) and it is pointed for up to 3xD thread depth.

Expansion of HeliIQmill 390 line
Following excellent market response to the HeliIQmill 390 milling line with the 07, 10 and 15 mm insert sizes, Iscar is expanding the range with tools that carry the HM390 TDKT 1907PDTR to a larger 19mm triangular insert.

The new insert design is based on the original design of its three predecessors and includes all of their advantages. The insert features a maximum depth of cut of 16mm and the large triangular insert provides high productivity characterised by thicker and thus stronger helical cutting edges. This enables cost savings and longer tool life, compared with conventional inserts with two edges.

Other features are the triangular shape with three helical cutting edges, very rigid structure, positive axial rake that reduces cutting forces, wiper flat for high surface finish and clean and smooth cutting with long tool life.

The new HeliIQmill 390 inserts are produced from Iscar’s latest Sumotec carbide grades, which provide a very high productivity advantage. The line includes endmills in diameters of 40 and 50mm and face mills in the diameter range of 63 to 160mm.


All of the HeliIQmill 390 cutters feature coolant holes directed to each individual cutting edge, are hard touch coated, providing better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear. The fine and coarse pitch configurations are available as standard and are a thick insert, which enables very secure clamping. Combined with a durable body, the cutter ensures effective cutting even under high tooth load (feed x D.O.C. x W.O.C.) applications.

Applications include machining materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel and difficult-to-cut HTSA and are used for milling shoulders, slots and plane surfaces in general engineering.

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