PipeWorx System delivers key benefits for pipe fabrication shops

Made for the field. Simplified and optimised specifically for pipe welding.

Constructed to withstand the rigors of field use, the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro offers simplified cable management, complete remote control at the weld joint and optimised arc performance for critical pipe welding.

The simplified cable management saves pipefitters time by eliminating all of the communication cables that cause clutter and hassle on jobsites.

The remote control at the weld joint is another timesaver and safety feature. It gives workers the ability to make process and parameter changes at the weld, as far as 60 metres away from the power source.


Pipefitters using Stick and TIG processes are able to change process selection, amperage adjustment and Stick electrode selection remotely, and the push-button process changeover eliminates the need for swapping cables. They are also able to reduce the opportunity for weld defects because the correct polarity is automatically set for each welding process, and the FieldPro System alerts pipefitters if the weld cables were connected incorrectly.

The machine’s ability to set optimal parameters automatically improves quality control by helping ensure a consistent bead profile and by minimising defects caused by incorrect welding parameters, such as porosity or lack of fusion. Each set up of a new weld process can be done with the touch of a button, so the streamlined system helps avoid downtime and lets pipefitters maintain focus on the weld.

TIG-quality welding can be achieved using the advantages of the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process. This effectively removes the need for high-level skills for pipe welding.

PipeWorx offers two advanced GMAW arc welding control options to operate the system. These are; regulated metal deposition (RMD), an electronically controlled modified dip-transfer mode output solution for root-pass weld; and ProPulse, an open arc pulsed solution for fill and capping passes.

One touch welding
Set up a new weld process with the touch of a button. Increase quality and productivity with more arc-on time with no need to manually switch polarity or cables between processes and fewer errors caused by incorrect settings.

True multiprocess machine
Improved productivity and stable arc performance from one multiprocess machine. Includes conventional Stick, TIG, FCAW and MIG welding processes optimised for pipe welding operations. Advanced RMD® and ProPulse technologies reduce the number of required weld passes and reduces rejects without backing gas.

Single system design
One machine designed to perform all of your pipe welding needs—no additional capital investment purchases for multiple machines. One machine footprint also maximizes weld cell space.

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