Portable arm-based CMM scanning solution with MCAx articulated arm and MMDx scanners – Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology’s MCAx manual coordinate measuring arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx digital handheld laser scanners and Focus 10 handheld scanning and inspection software. This total solution’s accuracy, capability and portability make it feel perfectly at home in the metrology lab, on the shop floor and in-the-field. The MCAx arm can be equipped with a wide range of probing systems for laser scanning, touch-trigger measurements and continuous scanning. The new 7-axis MCAx range of articulated arms is available with a measurement volume ranging from two and 4.5 metre diametre.


Already known for its industry-leading data capture of almost any material (ESP3), the arm and scanner now offer improved total solution accuracy. It offers compactness in packaging and an unprecedented seamless transition between probing and scanning. This high-precision portable scanning solution reaches better than 50µm of measurement accuracy while encased in an enhanced ergonomic design. Applications such as automotive R&D, quality labs and contract inspection facilities will benefit from a shortened learning curve due to the ease of use, while delivering measurement data faster and with greater confidence in the results.

Specifications for these 7-axis arms range from two to 4.5 metres and include infinite rotation of the principle axes. Absolute encoders are standard as is the locking counterbalance feature. Base options include bolt-down base plates or a magnetic base, WiFi, battery and probes.

For further details contact W.D. Hearn on TEL: 021 534 5351 or visit www.wdhearn.co.za