Press brake display moves on beam to correct bending location

Haco has introduced a new concept for press brake controllers: SyncView, a dynamic display located on the beam that moves horizontally to the correct bending location. The tablet screen is positioned automatically where the workpiece is being worked on by the operator, allowing the operator to watch both the screen and the workpiece simultaneously during the bending process.

The 3-D image of the bending steps is always right in front of the user rather than yards away. This allows the user to understand and carry out bending steps more quickly during the bending sequence.


The 3-D images on the screen can be rotated without the operator having to leave the work position, enabling fast evaluation of complex pieces. The operator looks in the same direction at both the screen and workpiece, reducing constant head turning between the screen and the place where the workpiece must be positioned.


The idea behind SyncView originated by simply observing a press brake’s bending process and evaluating each step objectively. It became quickly apparent that the way in which the operator and the machine interact is often far from logical and efficient. With the traditional press brake, the operator is actually ‘bound’ to his static read-out screen on the side of the machine. He has to constantly interact with it: for setting up, making adjustments and viewing the correct way to position the piece. This means that he is looking either at the screen or at the work.

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