Prima Power delivers a revolution in high productivity 3D laser for automotive applications

Automotive parts manufacturers need highly specialised equipment for trimming formed sheet metal components while meeting all their specific requirements.

With the new Laser Next machine, Prima Power has drawn on its 35 years of experience in this field. Collaborating with customers and partners operating in the automotive industry resulted in the design of a fast, compact and highly efficient 3D laser for high volume automotive production applications.

Over the last ten years, Prima Power has been steadily increasing the performance of its 3D laser machines for automotive applications. The Laser Next represents a step change in this development cycle. Productivity on a typical benchmark component (B-pillar) has been raised by 25%. This means that four Laser Next machines can produce the same as five of the previous model.


The technology in the Laser Next gives it the best dynamic performance of any 3D laser on the market with 208 m/minute trajectory speed and 2.1 g acceleration. Some of the advances in machine design include direct drive motors and transducers for the main axes and focusing head, and synthetic granite machine frame with optimised geometric design.

The footprint for the Laser Next is also significantly smaller and the layout of the machine has been designed to allow for stand-alone and multi–machine configurations. The compact design makes it possible to site four Laser Next machines in the same area as would be occupied by three of the previous model. In addition, there is no need for special foundations for the machines. For multi-machine configurations up to three Laser Next machines can be sited next to one another all connected to the same magnetic scrap conveyer, delivering astonishing productivity per square metre.


To achieve improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Prima Power has used its know-how from hundreds of installations dedicated to the 24/7 manufacture of stamped high strength steel and of hydroformed automotive components. By examining every detail of the process, the design of the Laser Next has been optimised to maximise machine uptime, reduce non-productive times, minimise and simplify maintenance and consider the need for specialised resources dedicated to these activities.

Laser Next has a work volume of 3 050 x 1 530 x 612mm and is equipped with 3 kW or 4 kW high brilliance fiber laser. Its compact focusing head, fully sealed for best protection, features direct drive motors, double protection SIPS, fully metallic sensor, and Focal Position Control.

The high-precision and dynamic turntable with servo motor and absolute encoder is designed to ensure the highest reliability, safety and ergonomics. Thanks to reduced blocking times, the distance between table and light curtains is very short, allowing faster and more comfortable loading/unloading operations in full safety.

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