Rainbow of tools for all industries

TaeguTec cutting tools shape the future of a nation by helping to efficiently create quality products at a lower cost.

The emerging economy of South Africa has developed a diversified manufacturing base that has shown a potential to compete on the global stage. To usher in the rainbow nation’s growth, TaeguTec offers a wide range of tools for any manufacturing industry working to significantly accelerate the country’s development.

To make sure the important sectors of automotive, railway, general machining, heavy engineering and the newest player shipbuilding, keep growing, South Africa has built two new power stations and installed new power demand management programs to improve power grid reliability with the hopes of eliminating the rolling black outs that hamper growth.




Even though there are challenges that are being resolved in the power generation sectors, South Africa’s modern infrastructure supports a relatively efficient distribution of goods to major urban centers throughout the region.

TaeguTec tools fit perfectly in the development of the nation’s manufacturing future due to the Asian giant’s continued development of technologically advanced cutting tools that cut on cost and increase productivity.

One of the any industry’s favorite choices when it comes to drilling into everything from alloy steel to stainless steel is TaeguTec’s DrillRush – the versatile indexable drill that is constantly being expanded to provide dependable, optimal hole drilling performance.

The various DrillRush geometries and sizes such as 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD not only increase productivity but improve on tool life due to their reinforced edges and coating, which are suitably designed for optimal chip control and hole quality on any material.

All DrillRush products eliminate the need to remove the entire drill from the spindle in order to replace the head; a process that shortens the work load by shortening cycle times and substantially increasing productivity.




To produce cost effective large-diameter holes, TaeguTec recently introduced the SpadeRush, a new line of high productivity head changeable drills that removes the challenges imposed on machine and cutting tools.

Available as a standard drill in 3xD and 5xD for a diameter range of 26mm to 41mm, the SpadeRush’s unique clamping technology enables customers to quickly change drill heads without removing the clamping screw from the holder – an important feature that greatly reduces tool setting times and also machining downtime.

For milling operations, TaeguTec’s benchmark high productivity MillRush and Mill2Rush lines cover the gamut of industries by providing a highly efficient line that improves economic output.

Because of Mill2Rush’s huge popularity and recent developments in casting and forging technologies, TaeguTec has introduced an economical, pressed type 6-corner positive mini insert for 90 degree machining.

The Mill2Rush 6NKU 04 cutter, which is optimally suited for low depths-of-cut conditions, is designed with a rigid clamping system and a higher number of teeth to accommodate the smaller 6NKU 04 insert’s high positive helical cutting edge for smooth machining and low cutting forces.




In the MillRush line, TaeguTec has added an extended flute cutter and splitter inserts to improve performance on roughing operations. Also added to the new extended flute end mills and shell mill cutters are the 3PKT 06, 10, 15 and 19mm inserts.

To make machining processes easier, all MillRush inserts, including the 3PKT 15 and 19 splitter inserts are able to be clamped to extended flute end mills and shell mill cutters. Furthermore, the two new 3PKT 15 and 19mm inserts come in two different kinds called the SM2 (with three corners and two grooves) and SM3 (with three corners, three grooves and a different color periphery). The idea behind the SM2 and SM3 is so that there are no miss matches after machining, and both offer a lower cutting load and less vibration.

Another milling line that is growing in popularity is the ChaseMill Power; a brand new product for high productivity machining even in low power and unstable setups.

What makes this different from other tools in the same category is its double dovetail insert pocket which helps to bear most of the cutting forces and relieves the insert screw from the cutting load thus providing powerful and secure insert clamping.

Moreover, this unique design makes it possible to clamp the insert with a bigger size screw compared to similar size conventional design inserts.

Turning the tables
For turning, the process of properly controlling chip formations are important in order to prevent the loss of production due to frequent halts in the machining process, as well as safety hazards to the operator, damage to the tools and workpiece.

To eliminate these negative factors, TaeguTec offers a wide range of chip breakers for its highly popular RhinoRush line of small and strong inserts: for steel finishing there is the FG and FM chip breakers; for medium applications on steel, TaeguTec suggests the FT, MT and PC chip breakers; for machining stainless steel, RhinoRush offers the EA, EM, and MM chip breakers; to handle cast iron, there is the MG chip breaker; the MK chip breaker was released for medium applications on stainless steel and heat resistant materials and the FS was designed to take care of steel finish turning operations.




Grooving operations have never been easier since TaeguTec introduced and expanded on the multi-corner four cutting edge QuadRush line; a family of tools known for high accuracy and surface quality which has now been made available for threading applications. With this expansion, TaeguTec is providing the highest productivity and economical tools already employed by end-users in parting and grooving applications.

When slotting is required, TaeguTec’s TopSlot is the go-to tool. The full range of TopSlot tools also comes in a mini format and was recently expanded with the introduction of a new line of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform slot-machining where the production of hydraulic components and precision groove milling is required.

With these tools and many more in TaeguTec’s arsenal, the metalworking giant offers lines that improve the effectiveness of every facet of the nation’s manufacturing sectors, no matter how big or small they are.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com