Reaming tools enable efficient machining of hard materials – Komet

Komet’s Dihart line of reaming tools now includes the Fullmax universal reamer and Duomax indexable cutting ring for fast and efficient machining in hard materials.

The Fullmax universal reaming tool optimizes cutting geometry to yield high cutting performance in a variety of materials, including hardened steels ranging to HRc 62. Its modified cutting edge pitch is said to reduce chatter marks and improve chip formation, while targeted coolant holes promote smooth chip evacuation. The solid-carbide reaming tool is available in diameters ranging from 3 to 22mm for through-hole and blind-hole applications, with one optimized geometry and one universal coating. The high-performance coating can be used in a variety of materials, and contributes to reduced wear and a longer tool life, the company says.


Komet’s Duomax indexable cutting ring is designed with indexable inserts instead of brazed cutting blades, enabling users to index and replace the blades before sending the tool in for repair. According to the company, the modular rings can be exchanged on and off the holders, and are easily adjustable when necessary. Each indexable insert provides two, fully usable cutting edges. The cutting rings are said to offer longer tool life because they are not subject to the thermal stresses of braising each time the cutting edges need replacement. The Duomax reamers are compatible with the previous generation of Dihart cutting rings, and can be used with existing cutting ring holders. The tools can be individually modified with varying cutting materials and coatings for specific machining tasks.

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