Resurrection of stand-alone machine tool exhibition confirmed

Nasrec, Johannesburg will be the venue for metalworking supplier and manufacturing companies to exhibit their products from 9 to 12 May 2017.

The MTMA (Machine Tool Merchants Association of Southern Africa) has confirmed that they will endorse and run a stand-alone machine tool and related industry supplier exhibition that will take place on three year cycle.

The MTMA last held an exhibition for its members and other companies associated with the industry in 1997. Held every four years, the exhibition name was derived from the year it was held i.e. Machine Tools 97. The history of the exhibition dates back to the 1970’s when it was first held at the Milner Park Showgrounds, Johannesburg before moving to the Nasrec Expo Centre.

“The exhibition ceased purely for economical reasons,” said Hans-Peter Neth, current Chairman of the MTMA.

“We held the exhibition every four years in February, and we always seemed to time it as the economy was on its way down or struggling. This placed a huge burden on exhibitors as the majority would import expensive equipment to display the latest technology available, and then could not sell the equipment after the exhibition,” explained Neth.

“Over the last decade we have co-exhibited on the Electra Mining exhibition platform, which takes place every two years, and have been located in Hall 9. But this has now reached saturation in terms of space available. The result is that a number of companies have not been able to book space and we have discussed resurrecting our own exhibition.”

“It has now been confirmed by the MTMA committee that the Machine Tools Africa 2017 exhibition will take place from 9 to 12 May 2017 at the Nasrec Expo Centre and will be organised by the MTMA together with Specialised Exhibitions.”

“It is the intention to make it an all encompassing exhibition for the niche, but very important, area of industry that we operate in. We will be encouraging all the related suppliers and manufacturers to participate so that we put on a united and professional front. This includes tooling, software, metrology, additive manufacturing, foundries and many others.”

“The synergies that exist between all of these companies heightens the fact that we cannot operate in isolation and as a result will attract a broader audience that will be mutually beneficial to all.”

“The possibility of related industry conferences taking place simultaneously is also being investigated and will be confirmed at a future date,” concluded Neth.

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