Safan H- Brake 175.32/27 with E-control EC 20 and E-Bend L

Electric-powered press brakes have been more widely available in recent years as fabricators have looked for more energy-efficient, quicker, and more precise bending machines. One of the forerunners in this equipment segment is SafanDarley.

The company’s newest generation of electric brakes employ a servo-electric drive with a double-pulley system. The new press brakes have a C-frame, a narrower press beam, and the ability to deliver greater tonnage per metre than previous generations.

Even the highest quality, world leading press brakes cannot guarantee end product accuracy. Variations in material quality, grain direction and tensile strength contribute to angle variation. Because of these variations, the finished part angle can deviate from the programmed value resulting in time and material losses. SafanDarley has solved this problem with its new, patented E-Bend L angle measurement System.


The system offers huge increases in productivity through the elimination of test bends, providing greater up-time and avoiding material waste. In production, the system only needs to measure the angle once and will ‘learn’ the required bend depth, then apply this measurement to each of the following components ensuring every component is exactly the same. Once the first bend pass has been made, the system will automatically measure the spring-back and the bend depth will be corrected in the second pass.


The system uses two laser cameras which move on their own linear guide: a CNC Controlled ‘W’ axis to measure the bend angle from both the front and back of the material, resulting in maximum angle accuracy.

E-Control EC30
The SafanDarley E-Control Touch Screen system is the most efficient and simple Man-Machine Interface of its time. Only the buttons required at that moment are visible on the 17”-screen. The E -Control is the new standard for ergonomic intuitive operation.

Other benefits include faster positioning, higher acceleration and greater accuracy. This new concept E-Brake has a fully adjustable operator panel. Small servo motors automatically adjust the position of the screens for maximum operator comfort.

The brake is available with up to a 300-ton capacity.

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