Sandvik Coromant unveils easy-choice, secure tapping series

CoroTap™ -XM simplifies tapping in multiple materials.

The new CoroTap™ –XM is an easy-to-select range of taps for customers faced with working in a multitude of materials and/or the need to switch almost constantly between medium and small batch sizes. The flexibility of these innovative taps is a result of optimized grades and unique geometry created especially for working in ever-changing machine shop environments.


Secure, stable, flexible
Achieving maximum productivity in holemaking operations is always a high priority. When working in various workpiece materials and switching between batch sizes, keeping machine stops few and short is highly important. By introducing CoroTap –XM, Sandvik Coromant is making sure that the potential for maximum productivity is achieved through total machine utilisation.

CoroTap –XM reduces the time spent on set-ups and can be used in a range of applications whenever customers need a secure, stable and flexible process. With easily applied cutting data, these taps deliver high productivity and robust machining potential.

Three grade choices
Depending on customer demands, there are three different grade options available in CoroTap –XM to meet almost every requirement across all industry segments, including general engineering, automotive (transfer lines) and subcontracting.

Other drivers behind the development of this innovative product range include the lack of non-optimized cutting data with existing tap generations and the requirement to minimize run-in times for new components. Of course, another advantage of deploying a tap suitable for multiple materials is the associated reduction in tool inventory and costs.

Design innovation
Providing a long and consistent tool life, the spiral flute design of CoroTap T300–XM secures a constant rake angle for continuous cutting processes. Furthermore, high spiral angles ensure excellent chip evacuation. The CoroTap T200-XM has a superior gun nose to help reduce torque and improve thread quality. For this reason, CoroTap –XM can be applied to both through-holes and blind holes to depths of up to 2.5xD. In terms of hardness, the taps are suitable for materials up to 350 HB.

Inveio™ for steel turning and cast iron milling
Sandvik Coromant has introduced new insert grades for steel turning and cast iron milling with Inveio; the technical breakthrough in material science that provides inserts with exceptional wear resistance and tool life.


In today’s manufacturing, predictability is becoming increasingly important. Production that runs smoothly, without unexpected interruptions, opens the way for secure unmanned production and high machine utilisation; a cornerstone for profitable production processes.

Following the successful introduction of the insert grade GC4325 in October 2013, Sandvik Coromant now extends that assortment and introduces the new grades GC4315 and GC3330. All three grades feature Inveio that brings endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.

The technical breakthrough
The performance of these grades is made possible by the Inveio uni-directional crystal orientation. Normally, the crystal orientation in inserts’ CVD alumina coating is random. The breakthrough came when Sandvik Coromant found a way to control the crystals, making them all line up in the same direction – towards the top surface. These tightly-packed crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip.


Sandvik Coromant is to host a series of business seminars at its Productivity Centre in Jet Park, Gauteng. The first of these took place in June 2014 and the focus was on gear milling, an event where participants could discover the capability of CoroMiIl®170 and CoroMiIl®176 entitled: Discover the capability of CoroMill®176.The seminars will make available new advanced knowledge and production methods that will allow manufacturers to reduce cost while maintaining high quality standards. Presentations and demonstrations will provide new product information, technical solutions and processes in a variety of metal cutting areas. The programme will include modern cutting tools and application techniques. At the event were Arno Minnie of Sandvik Coromant, Franz Studer of Retecon, Ken Pitter of Factoria Engineering Works, Henrik Nydahl of Sandvik Coromant Sweden, Julian Burns-Thompson of Sandvik Coromant and Doug Pitter of Factoria Engineering Works

The result is grades with incredible wear resistance and cutting edges that stay in shape for long times in cut. The long, predictable tool life of GC4325, GC4315 and GC3330 enables secure unmanned production with high metal removal rate.

Application area
GC4325 is the first choice grade for steel turning. When GC4325 reaches a limit in metal removal rate due to high speed and long time in cut, GC4315 withstands the high cutting temperatures that occur. GC3330 is the first choice grade for milling in cast iron materials.

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