Simulate the entire CNC machining process with Vericut 7.4

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Vericut 7.4 includes many enhancements that further simplify the process of simulating a CNC machine. Changes to how users interact with Vericut further improve Vericut’s workflow and simplify day-to-day NC programming and simulation use.

Enhancements for ease-of-use
In version 7.4, the first thing a user will notice is a Welcome Screen that automatically displays when first launching a Vericut session. The Welcome Screen provides access to commonly used first actions for a Vericut session. The Vericut user interface continues to get more customisable. Vericut’s desktop is enhanced with a new docking method enabling you to lay out your Vericut desktop in the most efficient manner for the way that you work. The new docking method is very flexible and provides a high level of customisation possibilities.


The Tool Manager has been redesigned

Additionally, the Status window is completely redesigned for better viewing, customisation and size. The Status window information is divided into Information Groups, each containing a specific list of information.

Tool management simplified
Tool Manager’s desktop and user interface is redesigned to enable easier user interaction. A new tool bar located at the top of the Tool Manager window consists of a combination of icons and pull-down menus providing easy access to all features needed to create and maintain tool libraries, create/modify tool assemblies, import tool assemblies and create or import OptiPath records. Also, in the Tool List, tool components now have a Parent/Child hierarchy allowing for better tool assembly management and modification. All Tool Definition windows have been re-designed to make tool definition easier.

Other new features include

• New interfaces are available for integrating Vericut with Creo Parametric 3.0, CAMWorks, and SolidWorks.
• OptiPath now automatically works through multiple setups.
• Selecting a tool from the new Reviewer Tool Menu automatically sets the “Start” and “End” points of the simulation.
• Nearly 500 customer-driven enhancements and software change requests have been completed since version 7.3.

New module: Force™
Force is a physics- and mathematics-based modeling software designed to optimise machining rates for machined parts within aerospace, automotive, industrial and other markets that utilise automated machining. Force determines the optimum speeds for a cutting process and makes the CNC machine cut in the most efficient, fast and reliable way, based on the type of material being cut.


The Vericut user interface has new docking methods and a redesigned Status window for enhanced usability and flexibility

Vericut User Exchange event
Vericut will be hosting the first ever Vericut User Exchange event in Africa on the 16th September 2015 at the Sandvik Productivity Centre, 64 Jet Park Road, Jet Park, Boksburg, South Africa. Join them to see Vericut 7.4 in action, with live machining, as well as a Q&A session. All are welcome whether you are a current Vericut user or just interested in learning more about the solution. To register contact TDM Solutions on TEL: 011 234 6019 or register online at

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