Simulation and offline programming of Motoman robot systems

Virtual simulation of robot-based systems and processes provides crucial advantages not only in planning, but also in the commissioning and operation of such systems. In particular, costly errors can be reliably excluded and resources used more efficiently. The prerequisite are software solutions which cater for the technical parameters of robotics, as well as the specific requirements of the system environment. One example is the MotoSim EG VRC (Enhanced Graphic – Virtual Robot Control) software developed by Yaskawa specifically for the simulation and offline programming of Motoman robot systems.


The use of simulation and offline programming is of particular interest in medium-sized production plants with frequent product changes, such as sheet metal forming or coating applications. This applies to plant engineers as well as users. In addition to planning, plant engineers and system integrators can use them to completely pre-programme cells. Installation at the customer’s premises is correspondingly simpler and faster. Users can significantly shorten their set-up times by simulation and offline programming. All processes can be developed parallel to production. Because the jig is checked in advance for accessibility, etc., only minor corrections, if at all, are required later.

MotoSim offline programming system
Yaskawa developed the MotoSim software package, an offline programming system with 3D simulation, specifically for planning Motoman robot systems. The controller function is integrated from the start. What is special about it is that MotoSim uses the same kinematic model as the robot control unit. The user interface of the teach pendant (TP) is thus mapped 1:1 by software for robot programming on the PC. Even the programming language (Inform) is the same. This greatly facilitates the work of the operator. Downtimes are minimised and productivity increased.

All Motoman control generations are supported by MotoSim EG, from type ERC to the latest FS100 and DX200 control units.

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