Sisma laser systems for mould maintenance

The Sisma SWA-150 IV class laser system is suitable for welding and repair of moulds with and without filler material and other open laser welding work on large workpieces. Thanks to the many adjustments of the optic head and to the motorised axes, the welding operations are made easier and allow fast action with excellent results. Laser parameters are managed through an easy and intuitive touch screen that allows the control of the waveform, the diameter of the welding and an eventual rotating spindle.

With the fiber coupling, the laser beam is guided flexibly and almost loss-free to the welding head with a 10x stereomicroscope and an LCD shutter as eye protection. The welding head is equipped with a motorised enlarger for specifying the beam diameter, an adjustable LED workpiece illumination and a flexible gas feeder. A colour touchscreen for adjusting the laser parameters is also provided.



The welding head is mounted at the end of a motorised and controlled 3-axis movement. The axis system can additionally be rotated to position the welding head above the workpiece. It can be motor positioned in the x and y directions within a range of 150 mm. Thanks to the universally adjustable welding head, difficult-to-reach places deep within the mould inserts can be very effectively welded. The z-axis can be pivoted through up to 90° and motor positioned in a range of 500 mm, as well as manually adjusted within an overall range of 800 mm. Moreover, it can be programmed on a path in order to execute automatic movements, allowing the unit to operate even on oblique surfaces.

The system, which is also available in sizes SWA300 and 300W, is designed for prolonged use or for small operations.

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