South African innovation brings effortless, efficiency to slogging

A South African business has invented tools to reduce inefficiencies in loosening and tightening nuts and bolts, whilst increasing safety and productivity.

Slogging International is a newly formed enterprise established by the Coetzee family known for their other business operations BC Tooling, BC Precision Engineering and RapX Precision Engineering. Slogging International has launched two unique tools: the Slogging Hammer and the patented Wheel Slogger.

Masterminds behind the inventions are father Barney Coetzee and son Renier Coetzee, Managing Director of Slogger International.

“Our new Slogging Hammer and Wheel Slogger range offers a safe, operator friendly and time saving alternative to the industry standards,” said Renier.

“The unique Slogging Hammer came about from more than five years of research and development into solutions that increase the safety of operators using conventional slogging spanners and sledge hammers to loosen nuts and bolts on project equipment and vehicles.”


“The Slogging Hammer is versatile across most industrial applications, and when coupled with the recent invention of the Wheel Slogger extends usage into the transport sector. Safety is the biggest advantage of the Slogging Hammer as the built in hand grip means that no human hand is ever close to the impact zone. An eye bolt is already fitted to prevent accidents in overhead working conditions.”

“Slipping of the conventional spanner when struck by a conventional hammer is something of the past. Statistics bear witness to high accident incident rates of operators using the conventional slogging spanners and sledge hammers, costing the industry millions per year for medical bills, worker compensation and company downtime.”

“Productivity and efficiencies are heightened, as the Slogging Hammer only requires one operator to complete the job. The advantage the Slogging Hammer has over the conventional hammer is that it is effortless to use.”

“There is no heavy lifting required as only the shaft weight needs to be managed. This means only one person is required to operate the tool, not two when using conventional methods. A drastic productivity increase is also noted comparing the amount of blows required using standard spanners and sledge hammers, compared to the blows required using the Slogging Hammer. Every slog is a perfect slog as this tool gives greater direct impact, ensuring less time to get the job done.”

“This practical tool suits almost any environment. “An additional benefit to the Slogging Hammer is that it can easily be used in confined spaces and areas that were previously difficult to reach using old methods.”

“The Slogging Hammer comes in four different configurations ranging from M16 – M76 ensuring usability in virtually any industry from farming, transport, mining, military, construction sites, power stations, and even on offshore oil rigs.”


“The Slogging Hammer comes in two ranges, the standard open air and underground, both with standard or spark free options to use in underground mining, power stations and petrochemical industries. The underwater configuration is highly sought after by the likes of offshore oil rig operators and marine enterprises, as you only need one diver for the job.

The Slogging Hammer is compatible to all slogging spanners. A carry bag complete with a range of OEM compliant spanners, provides operators with a convenient pack close to hand, when used with this effortless spanner locking system.”

“The Slogging Hammer coupled with the Wheel Slogger not only loosens and tightens nuts and bolts, but also has the capacity to set the required torque. The transport industry (large trucks, busses, and long distance and cross border haulers) has heralded the arrival of the new Wheel Slogger invention.”

“Additionally productivity and efficiencies are heightened when using the Wheel Slogger as it only requires one operator to complete the job.”

“There is hardly any downtime and the tool brings huge cost savings as no third party has to be called in to assist in changing wheels. Rates can vary to bring in a third party to assist in changing or replacing wheels and tyres, and it has been proven that this tool will pay for itself within one to two tyre changes – it’s that cost effective. Having a Wheel Slogger on board reduces the need to carry spare wheels, and lessens the risk of theft.”


“When changing tyres, some operators are unable to fix tyres to the right torque specification, as they can’t undo the nuts when a tyre change is needed. With the Wheel Slogger, operators can now adjust to the correct torque in seconds, and never have a problem undoing the nuts when required.”

“The Wheel Slogger allows the quick release of damaged tyres, and resetting of the remaining tyre to the correct torque. This is especially handy for long haulers and across border vehicle operators. All torque settings on the tool are controlled by the tools OEM specified torque clips, ensuring no calibration is required, even after years of usage.”

“Each tool has its own individual data matrix barcode and identity number so that tools can be allocated to individual employees.”

“By using the Wheel Slogger, downtime to fix wheels is dramatically reduced, as it is quick and therefore efficient. The Wheel Slogger has a built in footplate that allows the system to be placed on any surface.”

“The extensive usage of the Slogging Hammer and Wheel Slogger has created such diverse industry applications, that we are already taking orders from African countries and other international markets, which we are very excited about,” concluded Renier.

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