TaeguTec’s ApexMills offer economical solutions

TaeguTec is now offering economical solid carbide end mills for general purpose machining on small depths-of-cut applications. The ApexMill economical type’s two and four flute flat end mills are offered in various lengths to cover a wide range of roughing and finishing application on various materials such as alloy, carbon, cast iron, tool, stainless, hardened and pre-hardened steels.

For slotting applications, the new offering is also available in three flute flat end mills, which include a high helix angle. The short and medium two flute ball nose end mill type is specifically suited for shops looking to save on cost on semi-finishing and finishing applications.


TaeguTec’s ApexMill economical line comes in a diameter range from 3 to 20 mm while optimised grades applied to the end mills includes the TT5525 grade for flat types and the TT5515 grade for ball nose types.

Its strong rigid design increases productivity and stabilises the machining operations.

In one case study conducted at TaeguTec’s headquarters, the ApexMill recorded a 100 percent increase in tool life versus a leading competitor’s similar tool. During another case study in which, like the other test, all cutting conditions were the same, TaeguTec’s ApexMill witnessed a 25 percent increase in tool life.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com