TaeguTec’s carbide T-FlexTec is no simple long shot

Long-reach machining has always brought about some difficult to overcome challenges but there are tools that offer excellent precision even in long overhang conditions.

TaeguTec’s multi-purpose Carbide T-FlexTec employs a new shank technology that provides higher rigidity and flexibility while reducing cost and machining time.

The Carbide T-FlexTec shanks work in unison with a series of TaeguTec modular milling cutters to not only ensure smooth cutting and excellent finish, but also perform in such a way that productivity has been increased through high feed rates without the associated vibrations that are all too common when machining long to reach places in the machining world.


TaeguTec’s T-FlexTec shank features a precision ground thread design that ensures excellent accuracy (run-out), a simplified mounting screw type for easy clamping and shorter indexing time. Also, the design allows for rough as well as finish milling applications.

Other important features are the stable machining even in deep machining conditions, internal coolant holes that enable easy chip evacuation and short indexing time.

The new Carbide T-FlexTec is about productivity and efficiency. Its rigid design means achieving a desired surface finish in various cuts of depth.

Regardless of the milling application, the Carbide T-FlexTec shank is a tool that effortlessly handles increased feed rates with reduced vibrations. The shanks come in diameters of 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm.

For further details contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com

End of year celebration
In November 2012 TaeguTec South Africa held its traditional ‘End of Year’ get together for clients, suppliers and friends. Featured is a selection of the over 300 attendees.


Prem Nakchedi and Johan Jooste, both from Techfab, Tommy Bezuidenhout of Taegutec with Pieter and Maryke Ferreira of Actom


Ian Watson, Alex Le Roux, Grant Cloete, Andre Jansen, Clyde Beiling and Gys Potgieter, who are all of Videx Mining


Derek North, Michael Hutchons, Graham Sussman and Morne Pieters, all of Susstech


Gerhaard Fourie, Alberto Van Zyl, Gawie Espagh, Charles and Henry Fryer, Nathan and Bradley Engelbrecht, Martin Ludick, Ben Burger of Taegu Tec and Lewies Hoffman


Larry Wilcox, Ruan Mynardt, Francois Tron, Essel van der Westhuizen, Gerhard Prinsloo, Henry Erasmus, Stephan Erasmus, Henk Visser, Andre Pieterse, Hansie Smith, Danie Jansen Van Rensburg, Wynand Pieterse, Marius Roets with Pierre Goosen of Taegu Tec


Sipho Kunene, Lucky John, David Rusch, Freddie Grobler, Herbert Herbst, Bryan Kirby-Smith of Taegu Tec, Hanrie Herbst, Willem Fourie, and Attie van der Merwe


Janine, Janet and Guido de Greef, all of Gilo Engineering