TaeguTec’s Typhoon adds power to low RPM machines

Machine shops looking for the power of mother nature in order to transform their limited RPM machines into speedy F-1 style workhorses at a fraction of the cost can now look no further than TaeguTec’s newest offering.

The Typhoon, TaeguTec’s revolutionary high-speed jet spindle, was developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines.

The new tool is designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications.

The system works by utilising the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high-pressure pump as an energy source, to rotate a built-in turbine at speeds of up to 40,000 RPMs.


The Typhoon does not replace the existing machine’s spindle, hence saving the manufacturer thousands of dollars in upgrades or replacement. Instead, it improves the existing low RPM spindle machine’s performance, surface finish and tool life capabilities and increases productivity.

To save on energy use, the machine spindle is idle while the Typhoon performs its operation.

The Typhoon’s incredible precision offers excellent surface quality due to its optimised machining conditions, and its plug and play feature makes it an easy product to install on existing machines with no modification required.

Another important feature of TaeguTec’s Typhoon is that it extends the cutting tool’s life, a feature that is made possible due to the optimal cutting conditions and strong coolant jet flow.

Its features include a direct wireless rotation speed display system that monitors the actual cutting rotation speed during the machining process, a 2.4 GHz frequency transmitter, direct wireless rotation speed monitoring of up to 5 meters and a wireless LED display that enables the reading of the Typhoon’s RPM in real time.

The Typhoon is available in three versions, each one covering specific ranges of diameters and speeds for a wide range of workpiece materials and machine tools.


TaeguTec’s newest high-speed jet spindle is designed for applications requiring shanks of up to 6 millimeter and cutting diameters up to 3.5mm. It is specifically adapted to workshops where CNC machines have a spindle capacity lower than 15,000 RPMs and through coolant with a minimum.

During several product tests, TaeguTec’s Typhoon considerably improved the performance of limited RPM machines. While performing a test that required the milling and profiling of an electrolytic copper workpiece, TaeguTec’s Typhoon reduced the machining time by 58 percent and also reduced the spindle wear.

In another product that involved the milling of a turbine part made with a SAE 303 workpiece, the Typhoon increased tool life by 300 percent and reduced the machining time by over 27 hours.

In the case of milling a mould made from V2 material, the Typhoon was able to reduce the total machining time from over 13 hours to just over 5 hours and saved 50 percent of the time used during the polishing process.

While performing thread milling tests on an SAE 4340 workpiece, the Typhoon continued its hot streak by reducing the machining time per part by 85 percent which in turn increased the tool life by as much as 200 percent.

Overall, TaeguTec’s Typhoon is an ideal solution for the growing demand in finish and semi-finish operations on a wide range of processed materials in the die and mould industries as well as high-precision machining in the aerospace and medical industries.

This newest high-speed jet spindle boosts productivity by significantly widening the application range on medium and large machine tools, increases efficiency, minimizes set-up time and decreases machining time, all of which reduce the overall cost.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com